Plastic Surgery Around the World

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plastic surgery abroad
Would you trust this Serbian specialist? (cc ornello_pics)

“I hate my boobs. I hate my eyes. I’m wrinkly. I hate my flat butt. This penis is tiny”.

So say voices around the world, in an age where more people are going under the knife than ever before. But where – and where – do people most want to be sliced and diced?

TravelSexLife takes a look at the world’s obsession with plastic surgery and asks if it makes people any more sexually appealing than that age-old alternative of “au natural”.

South Korean Women Want Bigger Eyes

The most popular procedure is double eyelid surgery. The surgeon cuts away excess skin from the upper eyelid to make the eyes appear bigger. Thanks a lot, Disney. You’ve made thousands of women pay to have knives near their eyes.

Another popular procedure in South Korea is lipoplasty – high frequency sound waves to eliminate fat.

Plastic surgery is more popular in South Korea than ever – one in five women between 19-49 in Seoul have gone under the knife.

Venezuelan Women Want Bigger Breasts

The number of breast augmentations on Venezuela is getting silly. 30,000 – 40,000 womenundergo the procedure every year. Billboards in Caracas promote bank loans for breast augmentation. Politician Gustavo Rojas raised funds for his parliamentary campaign by offering breast implants as a raffle prize. It’s not unknown for a breast enlargement to be given as a Quinceñera (15th birthday) present.

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Last year, President Hugo Chavez spoke out against the number of breast augmentations in Venezuela – he said it was a “monstrous thing” that women having trouble making ends meet were nonetheless having the procedure done.

Brazilians Want to be Slimmer – and at Discount Rates

Already the second biggest nation in terms of plastic surgery operations completed in the world, Brazil’s doctors are now offering plastic surgery at discounted rates to impoverished Brazilians. Dr Ivo Pitanguy told the New York Times, “The poor have the right to be beautiful, too.”

And it’s tax deductible.

Liposuction the most popular procedure in this vast country, with breast implants close behind. Culturally speaking, plastic surgery is something of a status symbol in Brazil. Hotness is important – not natural hotness, or inner hotness. Hotness however you can get it.

Greek Men Want Bigger Penises

Despite the crisis (they’ve got bills, they’re multiplying, and they’re losing control…) in 2010 Greece reported ten times more penis enlargements than competing countries.

Perhaps in this time of catastrophic economic collapse, a larger dong is just the pick-me-up Greek men need.

Greek ladies don’t benefit, however, as there is no surgical way to enhance the penis’s “performance size”. But at least hundreds of Greek men can now feel prouder at the urinals.

“Godzilla’s tail, you say? Oh, you…”

American Women Want Bigger Butts and They Cannot Lie (Sorry…I Couldn’t Resist)

Whether the butts of Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian are the culprits, the obsession with big ol’ booties has made its way North from Colombia and Brazil. Butt augmentation has been reported as one of the fastest growing major procedures in the plastic surgery industry.

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Fat is sucked from other parts of the body – tummy, hips, thighs, etc – and injected into the butt. Sometimes silicone implants are used instead of fat.

The procedure has a high risk of complications and infection. Women have reported their butts getting hard, implants shifting and drooping, and being “in constant agony”.

Last year a 20 year old British woman flew to Philadelphia to have the procedure done on the cheap. The silicone used wasn’t intended for medical use. Instead they injected her with mattress silicone. It travelled through her cardiovascular system, which killed her when it reached her heart.

What an embarrassing way to lose a daughter.


Whether you find these countries weird fixations with plastic surgery sexy or not, TravelSexLife (when we’re not thinking about mammoth breasts and penis) strongly promotes the “each to their own” line of thinking. If you’re interested in a little nip/tuck, you can read more about Medical Tourism here.


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