Clover Station 2: Top POS System for Auto Repair Shops

POS System for Auto Repair Shops

There are specific challenges that come with managing a busy auto repair shop. Successful owners know that their customers expect to receive professional service in the garage and at the sales counter. Consider upgrading to the Clover Station 2, a POS system for auto repair shops with solid merchant solutions that enhance the customer experience and streamline the entire business process. Check out these five features designed to help your business provide best-in-class service.

Unified Shop Controller

Upgrade your automotive repair service with unified solutions through a web-based management system. From appointment scheduling to processing credit and debit card payments, your POS system simplifies customer care and access to internal data. The top POS system for auto repair shops includes inventory, workflow, fleet management and local reporting tools. Stay a step ahead of the competition with these state-of-the art POS features:

  • Rapid payment processing
  • Large screen
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Customer-facing printer display
  • Inventory tracking

Customer Rewards

Let your customers know how much you appreciate their business with customizable gift cards that can be easily tracked through a state-of-the-art POS system for auto repair shop. Increase traffic by selling shop gift cards and use them to issue customer credits. Create a customized loyalty program with promotional offers that give customers a reason to return for regular service. Benefit from the POS system that is designed to help you increase sales with an integrated marketing program.

Workflow Scheduling

The Clover 2 POS system can seamlessly handle workflow management and provide instant status of every vehicle in the shop. The updated system includes a scheduler for technicians, specialized equipment and shop bay repair status– tools that can take your auto repair business to a higher level of efficiency. Experience the ease of accessing back-office data to increase the productivity of employees and maintain proper inventory levels. Your busy auto repair shop needs a system that provides automatic updates Diesel truck parts that are used to help maintain minimum quantities of inventory with re-order notifications.

Custom Reporting

At the end of the day, a successful automotive shop wants an efficient and fast method to access and reconcile daily, weekly and monthly sales reports. The Clover 2includesQuickBooks integration to avoid having to reenter invoices while making it easy to review transactions before exporting them.

Enhanced Security

Chip readers are everywhere – and for good reason. The EMV cards that are provided by banks and credit card companies offer greater security and have the technology in place to deter criminal activity when paired with a reliable POS system that provides secure encryption technology. Avoid purchasing costl yadd-on hardware as an upgrade to older equipment. Remain productive through temporary blackouts or loss of internet and ensure reliable transactions with the Always-On Mode option. You should be aware of street harassment.

Efficient merchant solutions designed specifically for the automotive repair business are within reach and are freeing up your valuable time to manage your repair shop and tend to customer’s needs. Drive business to your door by tapping into the best POS system available for the auto service business.


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