Serving takeaway French fries – which packaging to choose?


    How do you serve takeaway French fries to keep them crispy? How do you package your French fries so that they are effectively protected? How about serving takeaway French fries without any problems? Here are some tips that will make the job easier for anyone preparing takeaway French fries. Discover the 3 important rules for serving French fries and offer the best fries t

    Serving takeaway fries without any problems

    What can you do to serve perfectly warm and appetizing crispy takeaway fries to your customer? This solution is considered by many restaurant owners. However, not everyone knows that applying 3 principles is enough to achieve the desired effect.

    Packaging for French fries

    Firstly, the choice of packaging is extremely important. It is important to secure French fries  from crushing, spilling out and sogginess during transport. The steam condensing on the packaging will make the fries soft and lacking in crispness, and therefore unpalatable and unappetising.

    What packaging to choose for French fries?

    So which packaging for fries should you go for? Cardboard boxes and paper envelopeswill work great. It is an environmentally friendly, low-cost and practical solution. Disposable paper packaging is designed to be folded on the go, so storing it does not take up much space.

    Boxes for French fries – packaging for set meals

    Cardboard box packaging will effectively protect fries from spilling out. We recommend packaging with special openings so that the packaged product does not become soggy. The market offers a wide range of cardboard packaging in various sizes. It is a good idea to adapt the size of the packaging to the portion weight. This ensures that the food is not only well protected, but also looks good in the packaging. Catering boxes in a larger size can be used for serving set meals. In that case, it is a good idea to choose such boxes that will accommodate the whole set meal, such as strips and French fries or French fries and a sandwich.

    The French fries envelope – advantages

    The envelope packaging for French fries has many advantages. Firstly, it takes up little space – both in storage and in transport. Fries packed in this way will fit the rest of your order. You can put them on top of a bucket of breaded chicken or into the box. A well-chosen envelope size can be an excellent portion measure. It is worth taking advantage of this solution. It will make packaging easier and work faster.

    Warm and crispy French fries. Packaging is not everything

    Packed fries – even in well-chosen packaging – lose heat very quickly, so they should reach the customer quickly. Unfortunately, in practice it is not so easy. Sometimes the finished order has to wait for transport. So what can be done to ensure it arrives warm and appetising? It is worth investing in a heated cabinet or heating lamps. They allow the ready-packed dish to wait for collection without losing its temperature or consistency.

    Convenient serving of takeaway French fries

    What is extremely important when serving takeaway fries? Well-chosen packaging that effectively protects the French fries from spilling out and damage during transport, effective protection against getting soggy in the form of openings in the packaging and the use of a heated cabinet or heating lamp to maintain heat. By following these few tips, packaging and serving french fries will be convenient and easy. These solutions will work well for all caterers serving takeaway french fries, at all kinds of outdoor events. Well-packaged french fries not only provide easy transport, but also a convenient way of eating. So whether you’re serving takeaway food from a restaurant or at an outdoor event – make sure your fries are served in a professional manner.