Sexy Asian Beach Photos


These are ladyboys. Just in case you get a bit excited…

Now I know what you’re all thinking looking at this post. How does one impress the audience of such a website that zigs when others zag, dips when others plunge and plucks when others primp. I simply don’t know. I’m totally out of my element here. The best I can come up with is that I had better not head down ‘that’ typical path. No way.

It would be so ‘stereotypical’ if I were to showcase a photo essay of smiling faces travel photos of drop dead gorgeous babes/studs parading around in scantly clad g-strings while overzealous readers of both sexes scroll down with their mouses drooling profusely all over the keyboard. Nope. Not today. You can safely stow away the drool bucket for now.

Instead I thought I’d take you on a visual odyssey to see what goes down on select beaches across Asia. Seriously, nothing beats a tourist beach devoid of culture. Even better is when you have plus sized sexy thangs parading around in speedos. It’s why I travel half way around the world. It’s why I say goodbye to my Mother without knowing when I’ll see her again. It’s what shoots adrenaline through my veins. Without further adieu let’s get right into the photo essay. I mean after-all we’re all beautiful on the inside, right?

I knew there was a reason I invested in a telephoto lens.

It’s stunning the views you can see at the beach. Don’t you just love it?

Man boobs are in vogue. If legislation was passed forcing men to wear bras I’d be the first to protest.

It’s a real treat watching lotharios gorge themselves something senselessly all day while locals with barely nothing are subservient to their every whim.

If this isn’t Right Said Fred I’m a fucking fraud.

Bulging bulbous bellies – it’s all the rage.

Well, why not? It looks comfortable, eh?

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