Sexy Links for Your Weekend


18 cops in China save a sex doll from drowning. No need to be snarky, anyone. There’s nothing you can say that can make the situation less awkward for them. [The Huffington Post]

Apparently, it’s a crime when a sex-crime victim tweets her attackers’ names. [New York Post]

Scotland is legalising same-sex marriages! [Guardian]

Who’s Minka Kelly, and who wants to see her sex tape? [CeleBuzz!]

In case you women were wondering if your vaginas were too brown, well, yes, they are too brown. Bleach them. [Jezebel]

Jonah Falcon, also known as the man with the world’s longest ding dong, gets stopped by airport security. [SF Gate]

Super conservative Serbia is quickly rising in the ranks for most inexpensive, dependably sexual reassignment surgery. [The New York Times]

What’s a gay Olympian to do? The awesome gay app, Grinder, buckles and crashes under the pressure of demand. [PEOPLE]

This is why you`re not enjoying sex. By Fox News. In easily the most oversimplified article on sex I’ve ever seen, likely meant to rake in the SEO bucks. [Fox News]

If you have any travel-oriented, sexy or relevant links to tide over our readers over the weekend, contact us!

cc Dmitry Sumin

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