The British, The Sexual Tigers of Europe

british sexual tigers

british sexual tigers

A study of sexual behaviour reveals British start having sex younger, they have lots of it and they last longer than anyone else in Europe.

From now on the British can hold their heads high, as The Penguin Atlas of Sexual Behaviour has revealed they are Europe’s sex machines, with the average British person having sex 2,580 times during his lifetime, with five different people.

French people can keep their pride too as they have been confirmed as the ones having the most sex in Europe, doing it more than 130 times a year. But surprisingly, the study has also revealed the Italians are not the Latin lovers everybody thought, as they start having sex late, they don’t have it as often and when they do, it lasts the shortest time. I know, I wasn’t expecting that either…

On average, a sexual intercourse lasts 21 minutes in the UK, compared with 17 in Germany and 14 in Italy. In Thailand is where they do it quickest, with just 10 minutes of sex, and in Brazil, where they last longer, with 30 minutes! On the other side, the study has also revealed that 44% of Brazilian women fake their orgasms, so everything is not as nice as it seems.

The study has also surprised with some revelations concerning the average age of women on their first sexual intercourse. It has been revealed that Irish girls, usually known as good girls oppressed by the weight of Catholicism, lose their virginity at 16, before many other European. In Finland, Denmark and Iceland, girls usually lose it at 16 too. Swedish women lose it at 17 and British at 18. In Greece and Portugal, women usually wait till they are 19 to have their first sexual experience.

In the West, men and women lose their virginity at about the same age. But in most developing countries, women become sexually active much later than men. In Kazakhstan, Thailand, Ecuador and the Philippines for example, women usually lose their virginity after the age of 20.

All over Latin America, women usually wait till they are over 18 but men usually do it at 16. In some countries, men are losing their virginity even three years earlier than women, which makes us think they are doing it with older girls.

In contrast, women in Africa start having sex many years earlier than men. Throughout much of West Africa, including Mali, Niger and Guinea, women lose their virginity at 15; in most of the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, it is at 16. For men, it’s usually later, at 18.

These age differences are reflected in attitudes to marriage partners. In Zambia and Nigeria, men look for younger wives, usually girls who are more than six years younger than themselves. Meanwhile, in most of Europe and North America, men look for wives who are less than two years younger than themselves.

But the sexual activity of British couldn’t give us just good news, as the study has also revealed Britain holds the world’s highest number of unmarried teenage pregnancies, and British are the most unfaithful people in Europe, with 42% admitting having cheated to their partners.

So contrary to what you thought, you will not find the new generation of sexual machines while in Florence apartments but maybe in London or Cambridge.


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