Size of Double Duvet | Buying And Maintenance Guide


Need the best double duvet for your bed? Wondering what is the standard size of double duvet? Reading the entire post can answer your multipronged queries based on the best duvet selection. Getting the perfect size duvet for your bed is a crucial yet perplexing task. When doing so, you need to keep a few important considerations in your mind; we have covered it all for you in this post. Besides, choosing the right duvet is crucial for your comfort. Also, it should go well with your home decor. Here is an all-inclusive post for you, covering all your questions with intelligible answers. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying The Right Duvet

Considering the qualities and size of your duvet is worth your time as it is directly linked to your comfort. Spending time or money on comfort can be the best investment you can make. Therefore, take time to understand the important points before you buy a duvet for your bed. Here we go!

Things to consider

1: Fillings 

In the first place, you should look for the filling of the duvet. There are several types of duvet fillings. However, they are divided into two primary categories: Natural and Synthetic filling. 

Natural Filling

Natural duvets are very soft, comfortable, and breathable. They are often made with the bird-feather. Feather-filled duvets are comparatively cheaper yet have less weight. On the other hand, down-filled duvets are comfortable and lightweight. Besides, they also come in combination to make a balance between the cost and comfort. 

Synthetic Filling

Synthetic filling, on the other hand, can be a suitable option for those who are allergic to feathers. Besides, they are easy to wash and dry out as compared to natural filling. These fillings have shown good results in trapping the heat and keeping you warm in the cold seasons. Besides, you can substitute the down filling option with microfiber to get the same warmth and comfort.

2: Size Of The Duvet 

Next comes the size of your duvet. It is an important factor to consider when making your purchase. To get the best size of double duvet or king size duvet, you need to check the size of your bed in the first place. Some of the most common sizes are single, double, King, and Super King sizes. Besides, when choosing the size, it is wise to take the bigger size of the duvet. For instance, if you want a duvet for your double size bed, it is better to get king size duvet. It will allow the spare size to be used efficiently. Moreover, when dropped to the sides of the bed, they create an aesthetic visual appeal.

Single Size

The single duvet is suitable for the single bed and often comes in the standard size of 135cmx200cm. However, smaller sizes are also available, based on your specific needs. 


Double Bed Size

The size of double duvet is suitable for double beds. Thye can be a perfect match for your double bed and comes in the standard dimension of 200cmX200cm.


King Size

Next is the king-size duvet you can choose for your double bed or a king-size bed. They usually come in the standard dimension 230cmX220cm


Super King Size

This size can go well with the King or super king-size bed to give you the utmost fitting and comfort when sleeping. The standard size you can avail of is 260cmX220cm


3: Tog For Different Seasons

Before discussing any further, let’s understand the term tog in the first place. It is a parameter that defines a duvet’s ability to retain heat. It can be measured on a scale of 1-15. The higher the tog, the more will be the ability of the duvet to retain the heat and keep you warm. This scale can help you in choosing the best duvet based on different weather needs. 


Summer means more heat, so you will need a duvet that retains less heat and keep itself cool. According to the tog scale, an ideal tog score for the summers must fall in the range of 1-4.5


Spring and autumn seasons can be moderately cold; therefore, the need for heat retention increases to ensure the utmost comfort. It is why the scale suggests the perfect tog range for the spring/autumn season to be 7-10.5


In the winter season, when there is spine-chilling cold everywhere, you will need your duvet to retain the maximum heat. According to the tog scale, your duvet must be able to retain the heat up to 12-15 on the scale. 

4: Age Group

Now that you have seen some of the important requirements to be considered when choosing the size of double duvet, its comfort or heat retention, age group is also an important parameter that should not be ignored. Even in the same weather, the tog value may vary based on age group. Therefore, considering the age is imperative when purchasing your duvet. 

5: Rating And Reviews

Reviews are important when choosing any product. The genuine feedback from the real customers can be the best advertisement you can find about a product. The reason is straightforward. The reviews are based on true experiences. So, if the tried and tested reviews for a product is good in the majority, you may go with it. If not, you should switch to other brands. You can apply it to your duvet purchase too. Recommendations from friends or family members should also be considered. 


6: Ease Of Maintenance

Last but not least, ease of maintenance is one of the most important points you should delve into before finally buying your product. For instance, the washing of your duvet depends upon the material filled into it. Same washing instructions will not be applied to all of them. So pick one with the easy wash and drying. When maintained properly, they last longer, offering great value to the money. 


Duvets can offer a great conform when you choose them with the full attention. However, you are here it means you can now choose your duvet like a pro and suggests others as well about the size of double duvet, tog value, fillings and other important details. If you enjoyed the read, visit our blog section to explore some more exciting posts.