The 10 Best Litter Brands for your Kitties


When it comes to buying litter for your precious pets, there are numerous things you want to consider to best suit both you and them. It may seem like it does not really matter what brand you buy, provided it gets the job done. But the truth is that different brands provide different beneficial things and you need to choose based on both your own and your cat’s preferences. 

Some of the things you might find troublesome is the clumping ability of your litter, while others might find that the last thing they want is clumping. Some may want scented litter to mask the kitty-smells, while others may prefer there to be no smell at all. For people with adventurous cats, the prospect of small footprints around the house from dusty feet might give them grey hairs. Thankfully, different brands cater to these different needs. All you need to do is buy the right one. If you want to get more details visit here.   

1. Fresh Step Extreme

This is a prime example of your preference for clumping coming into play. Or rather, your distaste for clumping. People often feel that clumping is unnatural, or that their cats end up making more of a mess with it. If you lead a lifestyle that means you are not able to change your litter regularly, then this might not be your best choice as it requires a regular refresh. But if you are in a position where you can change it often, and prefer non-bunching litter for a more natural experience for your cat, then it should definitely be your port of call. The particular benefit of this non-clumping mechanism is that nothing sticks to the side of the tray, which makes it easier to clean. 

2. Ökocat Natural Wood Cat Litter

If reading the first suggestion solidified for you your preference for clumping litter, because of either time restraints or practicalities, then you really ought to look no further than Ökocat Natural Wood. If reading it also made you aware of your need to leave it sitting in its tray for a length of time, whether it is for work reasons or simply the trip to and from the shop once it runs out, then you can rest easy knowing that Ökocat can guarantee seven days of odourless litter. “This is done with help from its biodegradable and anti-bacterial make-up. Moreover, if you are trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle, Ökocat is 100% environmentally friendly. This is not something offered by every litter brand, but certainly something many are trying to achieve” says Bertha Mosley, a pet blogger at State Of Writing and Essay Service

3. World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

People are sometimes uncertain of whether using a clumping litter is ultimately better for them or worse. To know the answer to this, you need to understand the use of the clumping effect and what exactly it is. Essentially, it describes whether or not the cat’s excrements clump into little parcels, or simply integrate with the litter. The clump method is beneficial because it means you can remove the clumps, keeping the rest of the litter topped up but excrement-free. Simply, one clump does not affect the entire batch of litter, whereas non-clumping would mean regular refreshers. 

However, a feature that is often a major turning point for people, is that some cats are prone to playing with, or eating the clumps. Ultimately, you know your cat better than anyone, so you can gauge their behavioural tendencies and whether you think this is a likely cause for concern. If you know clumping works best for you, consider World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula. Though more expensive than other products on the market, it is flushable and environmentally sound. Being able to flush litter can make the whole process a little less hands-on, and definitely speeds up the cleaning process. 

4. Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight

This is another example of where your preference comes into play, with neither being right or wrong, simply relevant and something worth thinking about. It is a much more affordable option, so if the price is something that affects your decision-making, it is a good option that does not compromise on the important things (like the health of your cat, or the effectiveness). The lowered price does not dictate a lack of standard to any large extent. It is particularly convenient to move around, as the container the litter comes in is sturdy and easy to keep on a shelf or in a cupboard for quick and spill-free access. 

It also prevents your cat getting inside or playing with it while it is being stored, if that is something they are prone to. This product, as a result of being on the cheaper side of the scale, can be quite dusty, which makes the container invaluable to the product. It is an all-rounder, basically, ticking the boxes of odor, comfort and functionality. 

5. Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter

Is your cat that cat that makes the prospect of a scentless batch of litter sound like a dream come true? If so, then Ever Clean Extra Strength is your dream come true. It clumps to such a satisfyingly effective extent that once you have removed them, you would barely know they were there. It also means that if you live somewhere where your litter has to be kept within your living space, this is no extra stress for you. A major issue with clumping products can be that the clump begins to crumble, or is not inclusive of all the excrement. However, this is not something to worry about when purchasing a batch of Ever Clean Extra Strength. 

6. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Clumping Litter

This product is particularly handy for owners of more than one cat, though it is obviously suitable for just one too. As an owner of multiple cats will know, it can become a bit overwhelming keeping up with each of their schedules – especially because they seldomly care for yours! It is heftier and more expensive than other products currently on the market, but it is certainly a more financially viable option than having to constantly replenish due to the number of cats using it. “If it is just the one kitty in your care, it is still a very sensible and viable option. Think about it this way: if it is strong enough to handle multiple cats, imagine how successfully it will deal with one! It will make the cleaning process a more stretched-out occurrence” comments Jennie Schorr, a pet writer at Academic Writing Service and Boomessays

7. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra 

So, by this stage, you will have a reasonably solid idea about whether you want clumping litter. You will also hopefully understand why you have made that decision, and use this knowledge to inform other choices for your cat. Again, this is a reliable, efficient option for those who want clumping. However, people can forget that lower quality clumping litter causes problems of its own. Elsey’s ensures that one of those issues – of the clumps breaking apart or crumbling – is something you never have to worry about. Solid and easy to remove are two things this product’s clumps boast. 

8. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Cat Litter

There are people out there who are caught between not wanting to smell their cat’s not-so-delightful-fumes, but also do not want to necessarily mask that with the scent of the litter itself. Sometimes, the combination of scents can be quite unpleasant, and quite noticeable. In this case, Purina’s unscented product is a great alternative. This is in part a result of it being made of recycled products, which should be an appealing feature for those with an environmental agenda, too. 

9. Feline Pine Original Litter

This product takes the need for a chemical-free, completely natural litter very seriously. If you have any concerns about either yourself or your cat’s skin, they are not concerns that bare grounding when purchasing Feline Pine Original. It is dust free, so you can avoid a trail of feline-footprints traipsing around your house after the dead has been done! 

10. Elsey’s Attract 

Litter is made out of any number of things, including clay, compost and sometimes plastic fibres. Each has a number of benefits, some with its fair share if detriments. You will make decisions based on whether these impress or bother you. If these all cause you distress, then consider Elsey’s Attract. It is made out of herbs. Natural in make-up as well as smell, it is a household necessity for anyone with a number of cats.

At the end of the day, you have got to think of a whole lot of things when you are purchasing cat litter. More than a non-cat owner would ever realise. Thankfully, the market is littered with options and products that make this an easier process for you. All you need to do prior to purchasing is decide what it is you want from your litter, be it odor, environmental impact, the comfort of your cat or its dustiness. Once that is decided, look no further than these options.