5 Way On Learning English Teas Exam


Are you thinking to yourself if there is someone who can take my eng proctored exam online for me?  

Is your TEAS test quite close around the corner which makes you continue to contemplate how I should study for my English proctored exam online?

If you said yes to the posed question above, then you have nothing to worry about as you are not alone who feels this way when it comes to giving an English proctored exam online.

Taking everything into account, giving tests is something that every student fears irrespective of what period of life they are at. There are times when students hit the books to prepare for their exams yet can’t score high grades.

For this reason, numerous students wind up figuring they should request somebody take their English proctored exam online for them. However, there are numerous tips and tricks that you can use to prevail in your English TEAS test in the first go.

Assuming you are someone who is battling with preparing for their English proctored exam online, this article is ideal for you!

In this post, we will talk about five ways that can assist you with succeeding in the English TEAS test by scoring high grades. Henceforth I would propose you read it till the end!

What Actually is a TEAS Exam?

The TEAS is fundamentally a test that commonly nursing students take to apply for nursing school all over the United States. This test assesses what a nursing understudy’s academic potential might be in nursing school. Schools and colleges use this exam since research has shown that the students who have performed well in this test in like manner perform better in a higher level of education.

The TEAS test is for the most part significant for the entire application process that students need to take to get into nursing programs, including an application, letters of recommendation, fees, essay, and your transcript. The TEAS test is extremely similar to the HESI A2 which is an abbreviation for the Health Education Systems Incorporated Admissions test. This is another exam that a few universities take as it is a prerequisite for a student’s application.

What Comes in the TEAS Test? 

The TEAS will assess students on different subjects to check if understudies are academically adequately skilled to be successful in a Bachelor Degree of Nursing (BSN) or Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) program.

To explain further, there are four subjects on the test: Science, Reading, English and language usage, and Maths.

Areas of the TEAS test

As indicated by the TEAS site, the exam will comprise of the accompanying segments:

Maths: It will comprise 36 questions, which will ask you questions regarding measurements, numbers, and algebra.

Reading: This section has 53 questions that will assess you on the integration of ideas and knowledge.

Science: This contains 53 questions which are regarding life sciences, scientific reasoning, physiology, and human anatomy.

English and language usage: It comprises 28 questions that will assess your knowledge of language and vocabulary. 

What number of Questions Are There on the TEAS?

There are an amount of 170 questions on the TEAS test, yet only 150 will be included for your score. This infers the excess 20 questions are just for internal organisation purposes. You will have 209 minutes to complete the entire test.

Five Secrets for Passing Online Teas Exam

Below are five secrets that will help you pass the TEAS exam without asking someone to take my TEAS exam for me online.

Never Try to do Cram Study

ATI, which is short for The Assessment Technologies Institute, suggests students should generally start studying for TEAS somewhere around six to seven weeks before the real test.

Nonetheless, assuming you have a few different obligations or responsibilities which make it almost unthinkable for you to begin preparing seven weeks prior to the stress, stress no more! You can still get soaring high grades as long as you have seven days to study.

All you want to ensure is that you’re not packing everything on the last day before the test. This way you will miss out on significant stuff. Spreading aloof your content every day assists in withholding information longer and keeps you from burning out, which will influence how you perform during your real TEAS test.

Give Some TEAS Practice Tests

You should sort out where you stand by taking some practice English tests. It will be very helpful for you since you will know the format of your exam. In addition, it will aid you in understanding what are the areas you struggle with. This way you can invest more energy into it.

You can easily get your hands on endless TEAS practice tests on the web and in your library! If you would rather not make such extra effort, ask your teachers for additional help.

Work on Your Time Management 

This could truly stun you, however many students fail their TEAS test since they have poor time management abilities. This means that they could have known the answers to the questions yet were unable to answer them because of their poor time managing skills.

The explanation for this issue is that each section has limited time allotted to you. This implies you really want to ensure that you answer all the questions in the time offered and not wait on any question for quite a while.

Accordingly, we propose giving practice tests as they help in improving your time usage skills. Furthermore, you should wear a wristwatch to keep a watch on time all through the test

Answer all of the Questions

You might be someone who hates answering queries when you don’t have the smallest clue about what the correct answer might be. Regardless, you really want to embrace this habit as it will be exceptionally beneficial for you during this test.

This is on the grounds that you don’t get negative marking for any wrong responses.

Consider it along these lines, what’s the worst that could happen if you answer the question incorrectly? All that happens is that you will get no marks for it. This is equivalent to you getting no marks when you leave it blank. Consequently, it is fitting to answer all questions.  This is because something in your gut feeling can be correct, and you can get a mark.

This is why you should trust your gut. Regardless of whether you have a couple of minutes left and a bunch of questions remaining, all you should do is through the questions and trust your gut feeling.

Your Health is Important

Tests are when individuals frequently neglect to care for themselves. Moreover, they sacrifice their sleep and skip their meals to make more time for studying. However, it is very counterproductive as they are bound to perform poorly.

This is why you genuinely should deal with yourself. Your mental and physical wellbeing plays a truly significant part in determining how you will perform during the test paying little heed to the amount you have studied.

Hence, always set aside time for yourself. Remember to have three meals each day, and get at least seven hours of rest.


While taking the TEAS exam can be daunting because of their importance, with the given secrets mentioned in this article you can succeed in them in no time!