The Best Places to Retire in the Southern US

southern US

From all stretches of the United States, people envision the life where they’ve finally retired. They’ll trade in their work clothes for shorts and sandals and their office chairs for something that’ll fit in better at the beach. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun ideas of retirement to the point where folks might not have actually thought about where they’d like to move to for more info visit here.

Many have their sights on somewhere in the south but they’ll need to be a lot more specific than that.If you are someone that’s having a little trouble putting their shortlist of locations together, here’s some of the best places you’ll at least need to consider.

Columbia, SC

For those who love nothing more than classic, historical southern charm look no further. Looking at Columbia houses for sale will even show the city delivers on that charm in spades. Paired with its culture is the climate retirees are hoping for. Things are mostly going to stay above freezing in the winter and there will be plenty of hot days throughout the rest of the year. 

While the climate is important, the reason most are going to consider Columbia in particular is the culture. As it’s the capital, there is plenty of preserved history throughout its many museums, such as the McKissick Museum and the Columbia Museum of Art. There’s also plenty of shopping options, from packed shopping malls to boutiques where you’ll find gifts just as special as those you’d be shopping for more details visit here.

Asheville, NC

Just because someone is finally able to retire doesn’t mean they are slowing down in the slightest. For those looking to maintain (or increase) their activity level once they are retired, the woods of Asheville could be the perfect new place to call home. In every direction there’s beautiful nature from the endless ridgeline to acres and acres of protected land for you to explore. 

With the likes of Pisgah National Forest and Great Smoky Mountains National Park in your new backyard, they’ll be a lifetime of exploring that’ll require little to no travel. Even those who don’t love getting too close to nature will love everything that comes being surrounded by it, such as time feeling as if it moves a little slower and neighboring folks a little friendlier than those coming from the big cities might be used to. 

Boca Raton, FL

Those with somewhere warmer on their radar will know the answer of where they should move to is somewhere in Florida and the real trouble was just finding where exactly would be right for them. It’s not always everyone’s first thought when looking at the Sunshine State, but Boca Raton could be the perfect place to spend those golden years. After all, plenty of other people have thought that as well almost 25% of the population is already retired. 

Beyond the amazing stretches of beaches, there’s plenty for residents to enjoy. Many make frequent use of the various golf courses, ample shopping options, and the plenty of ways to see live music.