The Meaning of Ruby Gemstone – Know Its Powers and History


Red and precious Ruby is the favorite gemstone of many women. It is one of the costliest gemstones in the world with surreal beauty and a nice appearance. Whether it is a pendant or ring, Ruby gemstone makes it more special to gift to close ones.

This gemstone has many interesting facts and history that one might not know. Ruby gemstone has been used by kings, emperors, and queens. This blog highlights the facts, history, and meaning of the Ruby gemstone. We will also discuss the benefits of wearing this gemstone.

Meaning Ruby

Before we come to the facts and history of Ruby, let us have a look at the name and meaning of Ruby. The name Ruby is derived from the Latin word Ruber which means red. Rubies symbolize love and passion and are widely used in many pieces of jewelry.

In some cultures, it is believed that Rubies used to grow on trees just like a fruit. They would ripen over time and turn from white to red due to the sun’s rays. It is also believed that Ruby was saturated with red color and was ready to be plucked.

In the Bible, Ruby is considered one of the most valuable gemstones. Even in Hindu culture, Ruby is considered a royal gemstone. Many Indian Emperors used to design their royal crowns with Rubies in ancient times.

What Does Ruby Symbolize?

Ruby symbolizes blood. In Burma, the rubies were gifted to the soldiers for their bravery. This gemstone was worn as a symbol of safety and protection from attackers. Many people say that Rubies reduce inflammation and bleeding problems in the body.

Ruby also symbolizes commitment and protection from misfortune. It also increases body warmth. It is the birthstone of July. This gemstone can be gifted on the 15th and 40th marriage anniversaries.

Interesting History of Rubies

Ruby stone is considered the most valuable gemstone in many cultures. In the 1st century AD, many Roman scholars described the hardness and density of Ruby gemstones. Even Hindus used to offer rubies to Lord Krishna to take birth as emperors in the next life.

This gemstone is among the 12 most valuable gemstones created by God. Even European countries believe that Ruby is a royal gemstone and belongs to the upper classes. In medieval times, Europeans used to wear rubies as a symbol of wisdom, health, and wealth.

Where Does One Find Rubies?

Rubies are formed under the surface of the Earth. It is formed under extreme heat and pressure. When the mixture of aluminum and oxygen atoms is compressed, it creates corundum. The blood red color of Ruby is because of chromium.

Myanmar is the highest producer of rubies in the world. It also produces the highest-quality rubies in the world. From 600 A.D, Myanmar has been selling rubies to various other countries of the globe such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, and the United States of America.

Ruby gemstones with one carat and more are very rare in the world. It takes a marble form and gets red. Apart from that, rubies can also be formed in basalt rocks. Rubies that are dark in color have more iron content than those stones with less red color.

Facts of Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is widely used in making various pieces of jewelry such as rings, pendants, and earrings. Ruby rings are gifted as a symbol of love and commitment. Let us have a look at some amazing facts about Ruby jewelry in the below section:

  • Ruby is one of the hardest gemstones in the world with a Hardness rating of 9.0 on Mohs scale.
  • Rubies stay beautiful for a long time when they are stored in a padded container or soft cloth.
  • Some ruby stones show a star effect because of various inclusions.
  • You can clean Ruby bracelets or rings with a soft cloth and warm water.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby Gemstone

After studying the various facts of Ruby stone, we can say that it is one of the best gemstones with an interesting history. It was used by many great Emperors in their crowns. Now, let us have a look at the different benefits of wearing Ruby gemstones daily.

1. Improves Paternal Relationships

If you have a stressful relationship with your father, wear Ruby stone daily. It helps to improve your relationship with your father. Rubies remove stress and improve the relationship with the father. You will live a happy life with your family members by wearing Rubies daily.

2. Eliminates Negative Energies

One of the major benefits of wearing Ruby stone is that it removes negative energy. You will get relief from evil spirits and nightmares that disturb your mind daily. Rubies leave a positive impact and ward off negative energies from your surroundings. You will also get a positive result by wearing Rubies every day.

3. Helps to Treat Various Health Conditions

Rubies bring positive energy to your body. They improve eyesight and vision. Besides, this gemstone also improves blood circulation in the full body. Rubies help to improve the digestive system and reduce various digestive issues such as gas and indigestion.

Natural rubies protect the heart and reduce the risk of cardiac arrest and brain stroke. They also help to improve heart health and give a long life to the wearer.

In addition, rubies boost your self-confidence and always make you feel fresh. They also provide intelligence to the wearer.

4. Removes Stress

Rubies remove depression and reduce stress. They also improve mental health and make you feel relaxed for a long day. You will get a long sleep by wearing Rubies daily. They also improve your mental focus.


Ruby is considered a royal gemstone by many cultures. Even today, people in different countries choose Ruby stones to bring a positive impact on their life. Ruby symbolizes love and makes your relationships healthy.

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