The Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Woman Squirt


    If you’re trying to make a woman squirt, it takes a lot of foreplay and the proper technique. Squirting involves a release of fluid from the vulva that can be messy and, like many things in sexual pleasure, different for everyone.

    The fluid can look and feel like peeing but can be milky or clear. The process is a bit slower than ejaculating and usually involves multiple types of stimulation.

    Build Up Arousal

    Many people think that squirting is an impossible thing for women to do. In reality, it’s possible but quite ordinary and satisfying. Moreover, it’s less messy than male ejaculation and much easier to clean up. Squirting is a spurt of liquid that comes out of a woman’s urethra when she orgasms. It combines saliva and lubricant stored in the urethral sponge and then released. While experts aren’t sure where the fluid comes from, they know it is a safe and harmless bodily function. But first, you need to learn how to make a woman squirt.

    You must first build up her arousal to get a woman to squirt. Do this by watching porn, reading erotic material, using sex toys, and touching her.

    Once she’s feeling good, place your hand on her G-spot and rub it back and forth. At the same time, put your other hand on her clitoris and stimulate it. You might notice her squirming and moaning in pleasure as the sensation builds.

    The more you do this, the more she will feel arousal from both your hands on her G-spot and clitoris. It’s important to remember that some women respond differently to this kind of stimulation. Some will squirt with a broad response, while others will have a more specific answer.

    Stimulate The G-Spot

    During foreplay, you can explore the G spot by gently fingering it in slow, circular motions. You can also try other caresses, such as figure eights or a rapid succession of pulses. For many women, stimulating the G spot with these techniques is enough to make them squirt.

    The G spot is located in the center of the upper part of the vaginal canal and feels like a spongy, puckered area similar to the roof of the mouth. It’s sandwiched between the Skene’s gland, responsible for most vulva lubrication, and the urethra, which you use to pee. It’s also directly beneath the clitoris, which requires a certain amount of clitoral stimulation to induce an orgasm.

    Some women may feel the urge to urinate when their G-spot is stimulated because it’s close to the urethra, where urine exits. It’s important not to panic or be discouraged by this sensation, as it’s normal and often pleasurable.

    During penetrative sex, you can try stimulating the G-spot by pushing your penis or a sex toy toward the upper front wall of the vagina and angling it upward to point in the direction of the G-spot. Some women prefer a sex toy with an angled tip explicitly designed for this purpose.

    Be Consistent

    Many men become so focused on making their partner squirt that they forget to focus on their pleasure. Treating squirting like a game of skill that can be mastered with the right button combo can make it feel too much like work and not enough, like a playful and sensual connection between two people who want nothing more than to please each other.

    Listen to her if she tells you that squirting isn’t something she enjoys. Trying to force her into it can be a major turn-off, especially for some women who may have been taught that squirting is embarrassing and inappropriate. It’s not. It’s female ejaculation, a normal part of sexual pleasure and orgasm.

    The fluid that comes out during squirting can be milky or clear, and it looks and feels very much like pee. That’s why some women feel nervous about squirting, worried they will pee on themselves. The truth is, however, that most squirters don’t even realize they are squirting at all! It’s a drip, dribble, or gush of fluid that happens as she becomes more and more sexually aroused.

    For this reason, it’s essential to prepare the body before engaging in squirting. Lay down a large towel, mattress protector, or sex blanket like the ones made to help contain any messy fluid that might ooze out in the heat of passion.

    Don’t Pressure Her

    She’ll likely feel manipulated if you make your partner squirt on demand. Instead, ensure you’re both in the mood and ready to squirt together. This will give her confidence that you’re a sensitive, caring partner and that squirting is a natural part of the sexual process.

    You can also use foreplay techniques to create tension and build up excitement. Adding a sexy, intimate touch like brushing her neck or whispering sweet nothings can ignite desire and make her feel giddy. Taking her to the edge of lust and excitement will help her let go, making it easier for you to push her to climax.

    It’s important to remember that female squirting isn’t peeing but a particular type of ejaculation. It’s a scalding sensation from the clitoris during high states of arousal and relaxation. For this reason, it’s a huge ego boost for many women to be able to do this.

    However, it can be a very uncomfortable experience for some people because it’s often painful. And if she doesn’t enjoy the feeling of squirting, it may not be something she wants to do again. Also, how squirting feels for a woman varies from person to person. For some, it may feel similar to a regular orgasm; for others, it may be more of a pressure build-up with a sudden liquid release.