Top 5 Sexiest Ways to Travel


Flying is the fastest, most convenient, and, according to some, the sexiest way to travel. Yet a great travel experience depends on many factors. It’s not just as easy as rocking up and booking flights to Orlando for example!

No. The truth is that it is up to you to decide how to best you enrich your travel experience for the better. If you’re stuck for ideas though you needn’t look too far. We’re here of course ready and waiting to offer a helping hand! More info..

Check out what ware list of the top 5 sexiest ways to travel. Got anything you’d like to add into the mixer?

Travel Light

When you are lugging your load from one country to another, you don’t want to put your back out with heavy baggage. Make sure then that you carry luggage that won’t limit your movement.

Traveling light will ensure that you do not forget your items on the plane and allows you to rip through airports quickly. What’s more is that heavy baggage can increase your fare. Make sure your luggage is light enough for your lap. This not only guarantees you security, but also saves you money and helps you to move around with ease.

Avoid Flight Connections

Flight connections can be very tricky, especially if it happens at night or when you have a luggage. Not sexy at all!

It’s a known fact that people lose their luggage when transferring from one plane to another. What’s more is that if the first plane is late, then you more often than not you won’t arrive at your destination on time. OK, so it might be hard to avoid connecting flights (especially on long distance trips), yet if you must connect, ensure that you book your flights only once.

Make sure you leave space between the arrival and departure time. This helps you to not get stuck in the middle of a journey and also means that the airline you are travelling with can assist you with transfers. Bonus!

Be aware though that airlines usually have partnerships with other airlines operating in regions outside their regular routes. This makes avoiding unsexy flight connections increasingly difficult!

Carry a Camera

When you are traveling, you might find it essential to carry a camera. Not only will this help you capture all the amazing scenes on-route and during your time at a destination, but it can also help preserve those sweet and sexy memories you might have a particular place or time.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Destination

Get upfront information about your destination through an Internet search or through consulting your travel agent. Nail information on customs, health and travel requirements and you’ll have a lot less to worry about.

Not only will this preparation help prevent you from embarassment at airport customs but it also saves you valuable time.

Also make sure you carry all the relevant documents. No doubt that will  make your journey easy and free from any avoidable complications.

Find a Comfortable Seat

Finding somewhere nice to sit is sexy indeed. Most people don’t recognise this, but your seat in the plane can make or break your vacation spirit.

The seat you choose? Depends on your needs and preferences of course! Avoid the wings if you do not like noise and if you have a phobia of heights, choose the aisle seats. Want to kick back, enjoy the views and take some holiday snaps? The window seat is ideal for you.

Another tips is to avoid the rear exit of a plane if you do not like the smells of very unsexy plane food. Either way, get enough leg room and hopefully that seat will prove comfortable.

Your travel experience is neither determined by the type of airline you travel with, nor the staff who serve you during the flight. You are the ONLY person who can enrich your trip by finding what makes you happy!

Determine what your travel needs are, and then strive to achieve them in as sexy way as you can.

Good luck!


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