Treating Resistant Hypertension Today


What Causes Hypertension And How Do We Address That?

Hypertension is scary, because it is diagnosed at a very high rate not only in the United States of America but also the entire world. People are incredibly stressed out dealing with it, especially because we do not have money for healthcare in places that either cannot afford it or places like the good old United States, where we can afford it but we would simply rather not, it seems. When we consider the fact that hypertension is even an issue in this country, we have to go online and learn more about the issue in order to remember that hypertension is the result of lots of general poor health issues due to the fact that our government disinvested in public health systems with surgical precision from the 1970’s onwards.

Hypertension is when the blood pressure near your heart is too high. That means that the blood that is bumping through the arteries and veins near your heart is pumping that blood way too quickly and with too great of a force, so it causes damage to all the organs in its area. Americans have really high blood pressure and heart-related deaths are the number one cause of death in the United States of America, where most people are fat and lazy and do not have any sort of consideration for their health or the health of others in how they conduct their affairs, as making money is more important than anything else in this country, so we have no ability to do much but complain about this issue as we are aeons away from actually solving it.

Why Did We Get In This Terrible Position As A Country?

It is actually pretty easy to break this one down. After World War Two, the United States of America dismantled many of the incredible programs it instituted as a result of the New Deal socialist packages put forth in order to keep the country afloat after the one-two combo of The Great Depression and the war. Simple programs like daycare and pre-kindergarten in addition to full medical assistance for all Americans were par for the course for a citizenry that was at war so soon after the previous war, so they were robust and incredible. As soon as the boys came back home, women were vacated from the industrial positions they adopted to keep the country running, and the government funded public health programs that were instituted were abandoned, so hypertension ( and other such conditions began to return.

What happened since the 1970s? Well, the truth is, the conservatives in this country coalesced around the notion of defunding various public health institutions in order to get their potential voters to believe that greed was good. In the 1980s, hypertension and heart related deaths began to increase steadily while crime and greed existed simultaneously with alacrity, boosting the nonsense and increasing the tendency towards selfishness that Americans are internationally renowned for, despite sending aid to developing nations. The problem is, the hypertension is a very glaringly obvious condemnation of the way Americans tend to work themselves to death in service of a capitalist overlord that does not seek to pour back into them, at any point, much less in tandem or at death. And so way too many people die of heart problems in America because of nonsense like this.

What Is In For Us Today, Are Things Getting Worse?

Yes, things are getting worse, and I am sure you knew that just from the way we phrased the previous piece of commentary. We now have treatment resistant hypertension that does not respond to the traditional treatments we have used for as long as we have had the issue of heart problems that are messing with our life expectancies considerably. It hurts to consider that we are going to live shorter lives even though overall human life expectancy has improved due to the advancements of medicine, but even medicine cannot fully address these heart issues unless we take care of ourselves in advance of even needing to attend any sort of medical theatre to fix it.

We can fix this issue by always solving the underlying issue that is contributing to our heart issues, and in many cases, that will fix the issue with some certainty. If it is not working, then you can try a combination of different types of blood pressure medicines to control your heart valves, arteries and other tissue near the organ in question. In this way, you can manage the issue with multiple points of attack, preferably focusing on that underlying issue above all things so that you are certainly going to have a better chance of succeeding at your mission.