What Happens When Your Soulmate Touches You


    Your soulmate is your ideal match, the person who completes you. You have a deep connection with them and they understand you completely. When you’ve found that person, it’s natural to anticipate what happens when your soulmate touches you.

    From profound satisfaction to pure excitement – there are so many things you’ll feel if your special person touches you for the first time. Scroll down to find out how one touch from your soulmate can give you a rollercoaster of emotions.

    Spiritual signs you met your soulmate

    Before discussing what happens when your soulmate touches you, you must be certain that the person you have in mind is your actual soulmate.

    Most people commit the mistake of settling for someone who is physically charming or professionally successful. While these things aren’t unimportant, they won’t be able to sustain a marriage in the long run. You need someone who will awaken your spirituality and encourage you to lead a spiritual life. But what are the signs that you should look out for?

    • You won’t struggle to find words when you communicate with your soulmate.
    • They will be on your mind all the time and thinking about them will give you joy.
    • You two will have a lot in common and enjoy doing interesting things.
    • You will have a telepathic awareness of the emotions of your partner and your partner will intuitively sense what you want.
    • The sexual chemistry with your soulmate will be organic and intense.

    What happens when your soulmate touches you?

    You will get goosebumps

    Butterflies in the stomach are one of the initial indicators that an individual means more than a friend. You can tell the difference between their touch and the touch of other people. You will have goosebumps each time their skin brushes against yours.

    This happens because of the excitement you feel when your soulmate explores your body. Your connection is not superficial but spiritual. The fleeting nature of this magnetic sensation adds to its charm, making it so desirable.

    Moreover, the thing about butterflies is that they are there only in the first few months of a relationship. Even if you are dating your soulmate, after a while a sense of security will replace the goosebumps. So, as long as the goosebumps are there, make sure you cherish them wholeheartedly.

    What Happens When Your Soulmate Touches You

    Your heart will beat faster

    The mere thought of getting your hands on your paramour is powerful enough to give you the chills. This is one of the signs your soulmate is thinking of you. But why does the heart rate increase suddenly?

    Remember that the heart wants what it wants. It does not beat faster at the sight of a random friend or a relative. So, the heart weakening towards a particular person should be interpreted as a positive sign. It gives you the clarity that you’re involved with someone your heart desires.

    Your dopamine and serotonin levels will increase

    When you are destined to be with a person, physical intimacy with them is a different kind of happiness. When you are happy, your brain releases chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine will make you feel excited and energetic about doing everything. Serotonin’s job is to give relief and calmness, feelings produced when the attachment is real.

    So, every time they come close to you, your body will be flooded with feel-good hormones. No other person can skyrocket your dopamine levels the same way your soulmate does. It is normal and a person in love is likely to feel this way.

    You’d like to hold them

    Being touched by someone who loves you deeply is the most romantic experience. When they take your hand in theirs, you will have an urge to never let go. So, you would want that blissful moment to last forever. This is a sign that you have found your home at last.

    You will forget about everything else

    Being distracted when you are with your lover indicates that there are compatibility issues. But when you are with your soulmate, you will be fully and consciously present in that amazing moment. That’s because being intimate with your soulmate is immensely satisfying and you will feel blessed in their company.

    So, at that moment, you will forget all about your worries. You will consider yourself insanely lucky. It will feel like a dream and you would never wish to wake up and return to your mundane life.

    You’ll gain confidence

    For many people, it can be challenging to feel comfortable in the presence of someone from the opposite sex. These people are awkward in the initial phase of the relationship as they don’t feel confident sharing their thoughts/ bodies. Lack of confidence can also be because of low self-esteem or traumatic past experiences.

    However, the moment your soulmate touches you, they will make your insecurities disappear. They will empower you to live boldly and fall in love with yourself all over again. In the comfort of their arms. you will no longer be stressing over other people’s opinions of you.

    As your soulmate will value you, you will realize your potential and notice your self-worth. You won’t hesitate when it comes to making serious decisions in your personal or professional life. They will acknowledge your contributions and appreciate your good qualities. You will also be able to love them without reservation or fear.

    You will connect on an emotional level

    Physical intimacy with your soulmate will deepen the bond between you two. It would be easy for you to trust them and you’d never feel alone. Even when the person is not physically present with you, their touch will linger in your mind.

    You will imagine the warmth of their embrace and there will be a broad smile on your face. That’s what happens when true love knocks at your door. So, your soulmate touching you is not just about physical intimacy. How the touch feels will let you decide if you have chosen the right mate.

    Always remember that the one who is meant for you will always give importance to your emotions. Even if you are over-emotional at times, they will pull you closer and remain patient with you.

    You’ll fall in love with your body

    Many men and women aren’t happy with the way they look. There are very few people on earth who think they have beautiful bodies. If you too are unhappy with your physique, being touched by your soulmate with change this thing.

    When a lover touches you, they don’t touch just your body but your soul. For them, you are the most sensuous being and they get aroused whenever you are near. When someone craves you all the time, it does wonders for your self-confidence.

    All of a sudden, you will find yourself attractive and you will glow differently. You will spend more time in front of the mirror grooming yourself and pampering your body. Suddenly, you will notice that you have a pretty smile, nice hands, and gorgeous hair.

    All these years you have doubted your beauty, but now you will celebrate your uniqueness. Hence, this is undoubtedly one of the perks of a physical union with your soulmate.

    What happens when you meet your soulmate at the wrong time?

    Sometimes, no matter what you do, the stars just don’t seem to be in your favor. During such tough times, you might face obstacles in every aspect of your life – be it your career or your love life. But if you’re sure someone is your soulmate, then keep in mind that they are worth all the hardships.

    If your love is strong, all the problems will fade away one after another. Also, the more hurdles your relationship faces, the more unbreakable your bond will become.

    So, don’t feel disheartened if you have met your dear person at the wrong time or place. This bad phase is the best way of testing your love for one another. If they wish to stay with you, they will be there despite all the troubles.

    Final thoughts

    Now you know what happens when your soulmate touches you. So, do you feel that God has finally answered your prayers and sent an angelic person into your life? Then don’t hesitate to take your relationship to the next level. Let them know that they are your significant other and they too will reciprocate your feelings.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What happens when you first meet your soulmate?

    When you come across your soulmate, it’ll be a profound experience and you won’t be able to ignore them. You can be in a crowded place and your eyes will be on one individual only. Even if this person is a stranger, there will be a sense of comfort, understanding, and familiarity.

    2. How do you feel when your soulmate touches you?

    The touch of a soulmate is a touch that will heal all your wounds. Something as trivial as a light tap on your shoulder will enliven your senses. This is what happens when your soulmate touches you.