What Is an OGame Simulator? A Detailed Guide 

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If you are wondering which OGame simulator makes the best predictions, then you must certainly read this post until the end. Simulators are one of the most amazing programs that can predict the outcomes of a battle close to the actual results. Based on the OGame algorithms, the program works efficiently when doing its job. When the final result comes, you may notice that the prediction was almost similar. Excited to know more about these applications? Read the full post and discover some amazing facts about the OGame simulators. 

All You Need To Know About OGame

Before moving further, let’s grab some knowledge about the OGame. It offers a wide array of thematic online games that include themes, such as money management, space war, and several others. The game has an extensive fan base from all around the world. It rolled out in 2002, and Gameforge is the producer of the game. If you need any answers or information related to the game, a dedicated forum of the game can be helpful for you. 

Ogame Simulator
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In the game, you need to show your skills to gain control of the universe. With the increasing levels, you need to conquer new planets. Looking for futuristic technologies, making alliances with others can help you win these universal battles. The game allows the gamers to form alliances and play as a team. Besides, there are some more crucial terms you need to understand, such as combat, merchants, officers, resources, and several others. 

What Is a Simulator? An Overview

Now that we have a fair idea about the game let’s proceed further and learn about the simulators. It is a program that is used to anticipate game results. Based on the maths that OGame relies on, it gives the predictions of the games. To make it work, you need to provide the information of the opponent’s tools, techniques, defense, and attack mechanism, and it will tell if the game will go in your favor or not. There are a large number of simulators available for you. However, only a few stand victorious to the gamer’s expectations. 

List Of The Best OGame Simulators

After knowing about this amazing program, you may wonder which one will be the best for your purpose. Well, below is the list of the simulators that stand on top of others. Let’s find out! 

1: OSimulate

OSimulate is probably the best preference of the OGame players. It anticipates the games with great precision. At the end of the game, the final outcome of the game is much like what the tool predicts at the beginning of the game. To make it work, you need to fill the given areas with the relevant information. Besides, it also provides precise statistical information that can bring your fleet in the best shape in a battle. The best part is that you don’t need to spend a single penny to use this outstanding program. 

2: TrashSim

This is the other simulator for you to understand the algorithm of the OGame. Besides, you can also understand what combinations of the game elements can work the best for you. If you want to use it for anticipating a game, below is how you can do it: 

  • First of all, you need to open a player’s espionage preview report. 
  • Once it is open, try to locate the API in the report and hover your mouse over it to make the key visible. 
  • Now back to the Homepage, paste the API key in the given field of your opponent or another player. 
  • After providing the key appropriately, hit the “load espionage report” button. The following series of actions will make the tool load all the required information into its relevant fields. It even includes the server settings. 
  • Now that you have the opponent’s fleet data enter yours to initiate the stimulation. 
  • Ready with all the information? Punch the “stimulate” button and in order to load the information. 
  • The result will finally appear on your screen with the possible outcomes of the OGame. 

This OGame is handy to use and yields reliable game estimations. 

3: RakSim

The next one in our list is designed for the specific purpose of anticipating the outcomes of interplanetary missile attacks. Furthermore, you can also acquire the number of missiles required to crush the opponent’s defense. You may download it to your system and make it forecast games for you locally. Alternatively, you may use it online at your convenience. It gives information on several missiles such as missile launchers, heavy laser, small laser, gauss cannons. Furthermore, it gives insights for these terms, which include number, units left, units destroyed, metal, crystal, and deuterium. 

4: DragoSim

DragoSim is the next OGame simulator we have on our list. It is also helpful in providing the outcomes of the game results based on the predictable nature of its maths. Unfortunately, this one is not available online. Nothing of this simulator is left, but you may see its 2007 version dashboard

Popularity Of OGame

Now that you have seen some of the best simulators that are around and that are not, you can estimate the popularity of this game. When there are millions of downloads for these programs, just to anticipate the game results, it is apparent that the game has a crazy fan following. If you have played this game, no words are required to feel this craze. However, if you haven’t played it, the ultimate gaming features can make you curious about this mind-blowing online game. To find the game, you can visit the Gameforge website. On the same page, you may also find the forum section for it to find all answers related to the game. 


Are you ambitious enough to gain the title of the Master of Universe? If yes, then this game is certainly for you. It can help your endeavor to rule the universe and all it takes to conquer it. OGame simulators can be the instruments that can facilitate your quest to win planets and expand the boundaries of your empire. If you enjoyed reading this post, follow our blog section to find more.