What Is Gambling Affiliate Program? Learn More

Gambling Affiliate
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If you haven’t heard about the gambling affiliate program, then this post is for you. Here, you can get all-inclusive information about the term. The online gambling industry has a huge upside-down potential, and everyone knows it. The gambling affiliate program listings can help you to know about the list of all gambling-related affiliate programs. Besides, you can see the reviews of these programs and choose the best one for you. Here, you can get the commission information about each listed program, including revenue share and sub-affiliate commissions. To learn more about these gambling affiliate programs, read this post until the end. 

Gambling Affiliate Program

Gambling in affiliate marketing is a platform where you can promote these games and get commissions for every conversion. These conversions can be in the form of site registration, making deposits, and several others. Besides, there are a number of games that offer good money in this program for the marketers. The list of these games may include: 

1: Slots

Slots are made of up to five reels in which you have to get three similar reels together to win this game. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to get more than three reels, then it can bestow you with a higher payout. This section of gambling also has free games as a playing bonus. 

2: Poker Rooms

Sites that have poker rooms can give you the chance to play the online version of poker. The online game is a little different as the players can play more than at one table in the game. Poker rooms are also one of the most popular forms of gambling affiliate programs. 

3: Betting

Betting is another form that gambling sites can provide to the users. It may include betting on sports, such as cricket, horse racing, and other big events. In all of these gambling options, the affiliate marketer needs to drive a customer to the site, register for the account. The customer leaving the deposit is also an important form of the sports betting, but it is mainly the concern of the advertiser. 

Gambling Affiliate Marketing Models and Commissions

There are several types of affiliate marketing models in gambling that yield different types of commissions for the marketers. Check the below-given list of the conversion types and their commissions for the marketer: 

1: RevShare (Revenue Share Model)

RevShare stands for revenue sharing, which is a lifetime revenue model where a marketer can earn the commission on the profits made by their referred customers. The range of the commission is decent in this category. The referral of the customers can yield up to 24-24% of the gross profit.

It may sound lucrative to you. However, these gambling affiliate models not only share the gains but also share the losses with you. If a player wins, you will have to face the loss as an affiliate marketer. Therefore, you need to be very cautious when working with the RevShare model. 

2: CPL in Gambling

CPL gambling affiliate program is the registration fees for the gambling. It stands for the cost per lead. The fruitfulness of working with such terms depends upon the quality of the traffic. It is the advertiser who defines the term for this category of the gambling program. As a marketer, you can get 10% off each registration.

3: CPA in Gambling

The full form of CPA is the cost per action. As the name suggests, its function is also the same. When a person deposits some amount of money, the payment will be done to the marketer in the same manner. It is up to the advertiser to make negotiations on the deposits. However, a marketer can get paid a decent percentage out of it. However, this payment to the marketer is made with the expectation that the user will play actively. If a user, who has deposited the minimum amount, and is not even playing the games, may not be liked by the advertiser. Besides, the advertiser may not pay for such leads. 

4: Hybrid Gambling Affiliate Model

A hybrid model of the gambling affiliate program may include the combination of revenue sharing model and CPA. This program can offer the marketers benefits of about $20 for each deposit. Besides, a certain percentage of each payment made by the user will go to you in the form of a commission. This percentage will increase with the number of players who made the deposit. So this model can give a payout of up to 40% of the deposit. Furthermore, if you are bringing more customers, a marketer can change the working terms and payments. 

Whom To Target?

When you are involved in this program, you need to understand whom to target. Also, you need to understand several other driving factors such as age range, wealth status, and love for the game. Besides, if the person is working and spends most of his time in front of the computer and gets less time for another kind of entertainment it can be an ideal target for you. To break this ordeal routine of the day, he may show his interest in online gambling when driven in the right way. Below are a few inevitable points you should keep in mind when targeting audiences for gambling affiliate program: 

  • The age range at the time of the consideration of the potential customers should be above 25 years. 
  • The range can go up to fifty years because above that range; you may not get the desired outcomes.
  • Make sure that the targeted audiences are not in the category of below-average earnings. 
  • Middle-class people have high aspirations to be rich, and they can be your ideal target for marketing. 
  • If you need RevShare for years, find a customer for whom winning is not important, but gambling is just a hobby for him. 
  • When you adhere to these essential points, the chances are that you can get good returns from your efforts. However, your instincts also play an important role when considering the targeted audiences, so you can also use them deliberately. 

Traffic Sources for Gambling Affiliate Program

When doing affiliate marketing, you need to make sure that your ROI remains positive. To ensure, it is important to identify if the source of traffic is good or not. There are various sources, such as applications that have become a great place, not just to attract the traffic but also to convert them. Native ads and social networking sites can also be a good place for marketers to attract traffic for online gambling affiliate earnings. Furthermore, email distribution can also be a good way to get leads. If you liked this post on gambling affiliate programs, find more posts related to affiliate marketing programs on our blog section.