69 Countries, 69 Condoms (Part 5/6)


So many condomsHere we are, folks, once again venturing into the wild and coitusing our way through parts unknown. Today’s selection of TravelSexLife’s 69 Countries, 69 Condoms finds us overjoyed at our luck (Botswana), not knowing whether to be offended or laugh (Ghana), and toying with religion for the first time in the series. Enjoy!

Batswana Condom

Beninese Condom

Colombian Condom

Ethiopian Condom

Ghanaian Condom

Irish Condom

Israeli Condom

Kazakhstani Condom

Timorese Condom

Uruguayan Condom

Start saving your money now – that Uruguayan condom is actually hard to come by these days (really). See anything here you’d like to try out? Or perhaps you’ve gone Cardinal and you’re not coming back? Please give us some feedback in the comments below, and check out the rest of TravelSexLife’s 69 Countries, 69 Condoms series: Part I Part II Part III Part IV

(CC: ella novak)


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