Bon Appétit: Sexy Links For Your Weekend


Those crazy Japanese, always innovating their culture with tentacle porn, extreme food sports, and… cooking and serving their own genitals to guests. Really. Bon Appétit! [Inquisitr]

Over in China, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Ziyi Zhang is in the midst of a sex scandal, accused of selling her body to a disgraced official from the Chinese Communist Party. [On The Red Carpet]

If you’re in New York, check out “Les Amies de Place Blanche,”  Christer Strömholm’s photographic exhibition based on the Parisian transsexual community in the late 1950s and early 1960s. [International Center of Photography]

Are you elderly and in need of someone your own decade to hook up with? Spain might be the place for you. [Your Tango]

The Belgians know everything. Especially about women. And they know everything about your sex life – based on the way you walk. [Daily Mail]

“Horndog High”, the nickname given to a Brooklyn high school after a 2009 scandal involving two female teachers, is back in the news again following a teacher’s month-long romp with a student. A boom in American-homestay applications to follow? [New York Daily News

The “Terrible Girlfriend” makes the most of holiday sex [New York Magazine]

If you have any travel-oriented, sexy or relevant links to tide over our readers over the weekend, contact us!

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