Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone? Answer Explained

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Can you ever stop loving someone? It is one of the most asked questions based on human psychology. How do your mind and body react when you are in love? Why do you feel very uneasy after breakups? Why is it hard to get rid of the memories spent with loved ones? There are many related questions that are not as simple as they sound. Love is undoubtedly one of the best feelings in the world. However, the pain of separation becomes unbearable, making people ask, “Can you ever stop loving someone?” In this post, we will try to dig the answers to these questions. Let’s find out.

Things That You Need To Know About Love

Before we discuss any further, “Can you ever stop loving someone if you really loved them,” you need to understand love in the first place. Love is not just a feeling. It is much more than that. If you are in love, many changes occur in your body and mind you may not get aware of. So, before we find our answer, you need to understand some psychological facts about love:

Love Has Neurological Effects

When you make a bond with someone, it causes the same effect as taking cocaine. Both trigger a similar sensation of ecstasy. Several researchers have found that love stimulates 12 areas of the brain that cause a peak of euphoria within the senses. Oxytocin is the main love hormone that is secreted when you bond with the opposite sex. When so much happens with your mind and body that makes you feel really special, how can you ever stop loving someone or get rid of their feelings?

Can You Ever Stop Loving Someone
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Love Is Addictive

The euphoric joy the people feel in love makes it addictive. Couples in love found themselves on cloud nine and just can’t get rid of the feeling of love round the clock. Butterflies in the stomach are real, and couples in love can feel it. When you are in love, you get habitual with your partners and want them to be around all the time. It takes you to an entirely different cosmos.

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Loss of the Sleep and Appetite

Loss of sleep and appetite are some other effects of love that you can experience when in a relationship. High levels of norepinephrine and dopamine are released when you are newly bonding with someone. Dopamine is a happiness hormone, and these hormones can make you feel euphoric. They also bring some significant changes in the body, such as insomnia and reduced appetite. Losing sleep or appetites are not just metaphors. Ask love-birds; they know it. When you stop feeling hunger and sleep, can you ever stop loving someone?

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Love Can Relieve the Pain

Love can act as a pain-relieving agent. Being in the arms of your partner can be very relaxing. Even if you are depressed, a hug or cuddle from loved ones can make you forget all your pain and give you the desired comfort. The intimacy of the partners can be relaxing in different manners. When you are holding the hands of your partner, it can boost your confidence. Even if you are alone, merely a picture of your lover can be consoling in the hard times. However, the pain of separation makes people wonder how you can ever stop loving someone.

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Broken Heart Syndrome

A broken heart in love is not just a metaphor, but you may get broken heart syndrome when being separated from your lover. Loss of love, physical separation, or betrayal, or divorce can give you severe heartache. This condition is known as Broken Heart Syndrome. The loss of loved ones makes the brain release certain chemicals that can weaken the heart and may cause shortness of breath or chest pain.

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How to Stop Loving Someone Very Close To Your Heart? 

People dealing with heart-wrenching separation often ask their friends or family members, “Can you ever stop loving someone”? It is an obvious question to ask if you are not able to cope with the pain of the separation. However, you need to accept reality and start working on getting rid of the lover’s memory. Practicing the right course of action can help you in getting rid of painful memories so that you can live a normal life back.

Accept the Reality 

In the first place, you need to accept reality. You have to stop lying to yourself and understand the scenario. If your calls and texts are being ignored continuously, understand that the situation is alarming. The Sooner you take the right steps, the easier it will be to move on. Lying to yourself about what you see can make things worse.

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Think About the Future Prospects

Thinking about the future prospects of your relationship can help you with your quest, “Can you ever stop loving someone.” If you are not happy today with your partner or lover, don’t drag him/her into the relationship. Make sure that you have tried your best, but better you move on if things are not manageable. If not, the smaller part of your togetherness can spoil a more significant part of your future.

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Rely On Other Relationships

It’s not that you can get love only from your GF/BF. Love can be sourced from different relations. It can be your siblings, friends, parents, or family. Moreover, they will not be selfish with you and give you the best suggestions. When you are trying to overcome a devastating breakup or loss of a partner, you can try to find the comfort of the people you can rely upon.

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It Will Not End Overnight 

Can you ever stop loving someone overnight? No, it will take an indefinite time, and you need to understand this fact. But to get rid of the past memories, you should not look back. Even if you feel that this pain is endless and unable to get out of it, don’t look back. Give yourself some time and space. Give yourself a goal and try to achieve it. Things will heal with time.

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Take Assistance from a Therapist

Taking suggestions from different people can often be confusing. If you are taking feel from everyone, and it is taking you nowhere, better to consult a therapist. The therapeutic assistance is based on the proven procedures. The therapists are well-versed in offering the most appropriate aid based on the condition of loss or separation. Make a visit and discuss all the minutiae details. It can help you when nothing does.

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Reading this post until the end, you can deal with the separation (of any form) from your lover or help others who are dealing with a similar situation. To get more posts, similar to “Can you ever stop loving someone,” stay in touch with us!

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1: Can you ever stop loving someone?

 Ans: The experience of love is complex and subjective, and whether or not someone can stop loving another person can vary greatly. While it is possible for feelings of love to change or diminish over time, completely stopping loving someone is not a universal guarantee. 

Q2: What factors can contribute to stopping loving someone?

 Ans: Several factors can contribute to a change in feelings towards someone. These factors may include personal growth, evolving priorities, major life events, emotional distance, betrayal or hurt, and prolonged absence or separation. 

Q3: Is it normal to stop loving someone?

 Ans: Yes, it is normal for feelings of love to change or fade over time. As individuals grow and change, their emotional needs and desires may shift, which can affect the way they perceive and experience love. It is important to recognize that the dynamics of love can vary from person to person and from relationship to relationship.

Q4: Can someone fall out of love and then fall back in love with the same person? 

Ans: Yes, it is possible for someone to fall out of love with someone and later rekindle their feelings for them. People go through phases of emotional connection and disconnection, and sometimes, with time, effort, and changed circumstances, love can be rediscovered. However, it is not guaranteed and depends on the individuals involved and the specific circumstances surrounding their relationship.

Q5: How long does it take to stop loving someone?

 Ans: The duration it takes to stop loving someone varies greatly depending on the individual and the nature of the relationship. There is no set timeline for this process as it can be influenced by factors such as the depth of the connection, the duration of the relationship, the intensity of emotions, and the individual’s ability to cope with the loss or change in feelings.