Characters of the Naruto Fandom for Your Next Hoodie, Shirt, or Merch


Naruto has an uncanny ability of drawing people together. Even those who initially found him annoying become drawn closer by him. He shows this kindness in his relationship with Himawari after Sasuke betrayed them both and encourages her to pursue her dreams, making him and the rest of the crew the perfect group to represent on the streets with some new swag.

In the following article, I’ll go over some of my favorite characters in the Naruto fandom and why they should be proudly worn on backpacks, shirts, hoodies, and jackets alike – so you can show off your love!


Naruto is a compelling shonen anime with spectacular ninjutsu action and an intriguing plot, and its characters can often be likable and inspiring; yet some can also be self-insecure or possessive at times.

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist in Naruto. This makes him the perfect character for a Naruto hoodie, obviously. He’s a young ninja who recently graduated from Ninja Academy in Hidden Leaf Village. After joining Team 7 together with Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha led by Kakashi Hatake.

Naruto has an exceptional empathy, which enables him to understand different people in any situation. Thanks to this compassion, he was able to convince jinchuuriki Gaara to change his ways while also helping find him the Fifth Hokage – an important ending in one of the most daring season finales ever.


Hinata is an inquisitive INFP who’s open to exploring new opportunities. An exemplary student of her sensei Kurenai, she strives hard to secure her “place in the sun.” Hinata gets along well with both of her team-mates–particularly Kiba–and finds each day enjoyable.

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Hinata is also caring towards her younger sister Hanabi and refused to hurt her during their battle for the Hyuga clan heirship. Hinata ( quickly developed admiration and eventually romantic feelings towards Naruto as well.

Empathetic in nature, she can understand Neji’s pain more readily than most characters can. A strong and capable kunoichi who makes pragmatic decisions quickly when in troubled waters. Often the first one to help others in danger, she serves as an inspiring role model for young girls.


Sasuke is an accomplished ninja with remarkable agility and reflexes, possessing an extensive arsenal of jutsu and abilities that he draws from via his Sharingan.

Sasuke’s personality was profoundly altered after witnessing his clan being slaughtered as a youngster, turning him cynical and cold towards Itachi – his elder brother – whom he harbors a great deal of animosity for. Itachi became his goal in life – killing him would mean regaining their Uchiha clan.

Sasuke is an incredible warrior despite his bad attitude and superiority complex, possessing remarkable speed, stamina, and can endure being battered and tossed around by Naruto while using his jinchuriki forms. In addition, he’s a capable tracker – even following Itachi through an entire flock of crows!


Jiraiya was an easygoing character who enjoyed cracking jokes at his own expense even in battle. Distinguished by a wart on his nose and waist-length white hair with spikes at its base, this Sage excelled at summoning toads.

He was one of the most impressive shinobi in the Hidden Leaf and could use Sage Mode to unleash powerful jutsu, such as summoning giant toads that covered mountainsides.

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Jiraiya was faithful to Konoha, forgoing being Fifth Hokage to spy on Orochimaru for Konoha instead. He wrote adult novels which Kakashi refers to as “naughty books”. Jiraiya enjoyed spying on women bathing as part of his research – something he boasted of rarely getting caught!

Neji Hyuga

Neji belongs to the Hyuga clan, which comprises two houses – with those who belong to the main house enjoying greater status and power than those from branch families, while their members being marked with cursed seals causing some friction between branches.

As a child, Hinata could be quite distant, but after watching his father sacrifice himself to protect her, she started changing. she gave up the belief in an inevitable fate which brought more happiness in life.


Boruto Uzumaki (who you can see here) is Naruto’s son and current Seventh Hokage of Konohagakure village. With an immense fan base around the globe.

While his son shares many of the same qualities as his father, there are a few key distinctions. He tends to be spoiled and lacks his work ethic which often results in him making poor decisions.


Himawari is one of the show’s most charming characters; her smile and positive energy light up any scene she appears in. She’s extremely dedicated to her family and is known for being an all-round wholesome individual.

Himawari hails from the Hyuga clan and possesses their powerful Byakugan. She is trained in Taijutsu and learned their Gentle Fist technique.

While she may not be as powerful as her parents, she still is formidable. She uses genjutsu and the Yin-Yang Nature Transformation to control chakra, while summoning Katsuyu, a healing-minded small slug. If she begins training soon enough, she could even become a god tier ninja!