Pup Parenting: 6 Tips for Busy Dog Owners


If you have just got a little squishy pup, you will be all excited to develop a bond with this loyal being and spend the entire day with your furry friend. After all, what could be better than parenting and training your favorite animal? It might not always be easy, though, and you will be faced with a dilemma. With a busy work schedule, you may struggle to balance your time, and your little pet might not get the required attention and care. However, you can always take wise steps to look after and groom your dog even when unavailable. So if you are a dog owner struggling to juggle work and life, here are some tips for your ultimate pup parenting.

  1. Hire a Dog’s Stool Cleanup Service:

Perhaps the only downside of owning a little pup is the filth that comes with it. As much as cleaning it up is undesirable, you may also not have time to do this laborious task. Little pups especially cannot exercise patience in this regard as they are still learning to bring their reflexes under control. Not taking them out on time to relieve them can result in unwanted accidents. But the good part is you do not have to spend your free time cleaning up your dog’s mess! To bypass this undesirable task, you can always hire a Dog Poop Service to clean up your dog’s stool so that you can spend time with your pup doing things you want to. With this task offhand, the only thing you will have to worry about is keeping your pet happy and healthy.

2. Arrange for a Dog Walker:

If you cannot walk your dog during the day, consider arranging for a dog walker. First, a dog walker can take your pup on long interesting walks, which will help put your mind at ease that your little buddy is well-cared for when you are not available. Secondly, going on a regular walk can provide mental stimulation for your pup through new sights and experiences, along with physical exercise and behavioral training. Moreover, your pup might also get to socialize along the way!

3. Ask Your Friends or Family to Drop in:

Dogs are highly social and do not respond well to being alone for a long time. While there is no simple answer to how much time you can leave your dog alone, try not to do so for long stretches. Also, you must give extra care and attention to a puppy. So, in addition to hiring a dog walker, you can ask your family, friends, or even willing neighbors, to keep a check on your dog. It is a great way to reduce boredom and separation anxiety in dogs.

4. Prevent and Ease Separation Anxiety:

Your pup might get anxious when you leave for work, which leads to unusual behavioral alterations, such as howling, scraping household things, panting, digging holes, and pacing in an obsessive pattern. If your dog has separation anxiety, it will not exhibit these signs when you are around. However, once you have gone, it will do these things most of the time. 

The first and foremost thing you should do to prevent separation anxiety is not to make your departure a big deal for your dog. Instead of giving it a goodbye hug and indicating that you are about to leave, give your dog something to play with for a while. It will achieve two things: firstly, a non-traumatic and light-hearted farewell and your dog will remain distracted with something to play with. Likewise, make your greeting a little low-key. You can also try giving your pup treats when you leave and take them away when you return. Whatever you do, follow a pattern, as it will form a connection in your dog’s mind about your leaving. 

5. Make Your Home Pup-Friendly:

While you are away, you will want your pup to be free in your home rather than confining it to a small space. For this to happen, ensure your house is as dog friendly as possible. Identify and eliminate substances that might not be harmful to you but can be to your dog, such as choking, electrocution, and strangulation hazards. Cover the electrical cords, and don’t leave your food and medications accessible to your dog, as it can choke on them. Also, do not leave ladders out in the open, as your curious pet may climb them and suffer a fall. Do the usual checks before you leave to ensure no heating appliance, such as the stove or oven, is switched on. The plants you have inside your house should also be pet friendly.

Pups love to sneak into small openings that can be injurious at times. Give them a customized cozy den or a playground, and they won’t poke in spaces they don’t belong to. A comfy bed, a safe water source, and a sturdy toy that won’t shred into pieces will do the magic! A pup-friendly home will help you worry less while away and ensure your pup is safe and sound.

6. Let Your Dog Accompany You to Work:

Dogs make great partners, even for work. So if you cannot spend time with your pup at home, why not take it to your workplace? It might not be possible for everyone but take a leap if you can. If your workplace allows you to bring pets and you are comfortable with this idea, you can take your dog with you for at least half a day instead of leaving it to roam around the house idly. Moreover, being around pets can boost your productivity at work and reduce work-related stress and fatigue. Plus, you never know; your little furry partner might make some new friends at your workplace!


Pup parenting is remarkably soothing and brings unconditional joy and love to your life. If you are hesitant to adopt one owing to your busy schedule, think again. Although you might not be able to give your dog much time, with thorough consideration and planning, you can provide for it regardless. Once you become a pup caretaker, this loyal friend of yours will automatically become your driving force to make all the right decisions for it!

When you are a busy dog owner, managing time can be a bit challenging, but ensuring that your pup gets adequate training is crucial. Having a well-trained dog not only makes your life easier but also helps in keeping your dog safe and well-behaved. If you are looking for professional assistance, Canine By Design offers remarkable services that cater to your dog’s needs, ensuring that your pet receives the best training, care, and attention.