Dating Sites for 12-15 Year Olds | Handy Tips For Safe Dating

dating sites for 12-15 year olds

Similar to the adult dating sites, there are many dating sites for 12-15 year olds. Teen dating is not uncommon these days, and teenagers are using these dating sites in a great number. Access to technology has made it possible for them to find their matches online on several dating apps. These sites are fun to meet, chat and interact with new people. However, when using a dating site, you need to be aware of the hovering security threats. As a parent also, you need to be aware of these dating sites and warn your kids about the possible security concerns. Read this full post on the dating sites for 12-15 year olds to find handy tips to enjoy it without getting prone to online threats. Let’s start! 

What To Look For In A Dating Site? 

Before we discuss the safety precautions before going to a dating site, let’s discuss how to set your preferences on the site. The play store is flooded with dating sites. To stand out from the crowd, these apps or websites set their own unique offerings to grab a specific group of people. For instance, if you want to date a person who is of a different race, then you can easily find inter-racial dating applications online. Besides, if you are in search of a sugar daddy/sugar mom, then you can find numerous apps on your play store or on the Internet. The option to choose enables you to set your preferences and get what you actually need. 

dating applications

Things To Keep In Mind For Safe Dating

There are several dating sites for 12-15 year olds on the Internet. They offer a fun way to chat, interact and meet new people. However, they can make these younger teens prone to safety risks if proper measures are not taken into consideration. Below is a list of some crucial points that can make teen dating a safe and enjoyable experience: 

1: Don’t Share Too Much Information 

When you start dating someone, don’t give any personal details in the early stage of the interaction. Keep your personal information, such as an address, places you visit, and a relative’s place, until you don’t know a person completely or his/her intentions. You may share it slowly with the increasing level of comfort and understanding

2: Don’t Share Your Intimate Pics

Teenage age is the most vulnerable age when the young users can be easily convinced to share intimate pics or other crucial information that can be a matter of utmost embarrassment for the parents and yourself. Besides, avoid sharing any information that can embarrass you when shared with others. It can be a handy tip for awkwardness-free dating. 

3: Don’t Share Your Contact Number Until You’re Not Sure

Don’t share your personal contact number until you know the person you are dating better. Instead, you may use Google Voice phone number. It allows you to make phone calls and send messages without sharing your real number. Besides, there are several other applications that can help you connect with a person without sharing the contact number or other crucial information. 

no to private information sharing

4: Make A Video Chat Before Planning To Meet

If you are planning to meet a person, tell him/her to come on the voice call and show the face. It is a very crucial thing when meeting your date. Blind dating can turn out to be awful due to several reasons. Sometimes, it can be a known person whom you never want to date or meet. On dating sites, you can get a lot of information about the person on the other site. However, you need to keep in mind that there can be several fake IDs on the site with fake information. So cross-checking information and a person’s identity is imperative. 

5: Meet In Public Place

If everything goes well so far, and now you are at a stage to schedule the first date, choose a venue, which is absolutely safe. If you need to ensure your safety, public places have got you covered. Parks, cafes, restaurants can be the best places to organize your first date. Meeting at private places is a big no if you are meeting with a person for the first time. You never know what’s cooking inside. The meets finalized on the dating sites for 12-15 year olds will be safer in crowded places. 

6: Make Sure There Is Nothing Fishy

To rest assured about everything, you need to overlook everything with the lens of doubt. If something feels fishy or suspicious, act promptly to get yourself in a safe position. You need to consider the red flags to avoid any mishaps. For instance, if your partner is coming late without informing you or teasing you in a mean way, it is high time to take leave and think about the situation with a fresh mind. 

7: Stay Sober In Meet

Meet at the sober places and keep the alcohol or other similar substances at bay. Also, if you are offered a drink, make sure that it is not mixed with an intoxicating substance. It’s better; you avoid unpacked drinks in the first meeting. People with nefarious intentions would tend to take advantage of this situation. To deal with the extreme conditions, you should carry pepper spray.  

8: Know The Other Person’s Intention

Try to pick up the signs shown by the other person you are dating. It can help you take the right preventive measures and be ready for all the possibilities that may turn into a bad shape. You may ask some trick questions to the person you are going to date, and based on his/her answers, you can get some close ideas about the person. 

Final Words 

If you are looking for dating sites for 12-15 year olds or have already made your account on one, this post can warn you of possible security threats along with their handy solutions. Additionally, you need to be always alert and keep your eyes wide open to notice the minutiae changes to be kept in mind. If you liked this post, then make a visit to our blog section and find more hacks on dating, relationships, and life.