Handy Procedure To Download Fouad WhatsApp

fouad whatsapp
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Fouad WhatsApp application is one of the most used WhatsApp mods you can easily download by reading this post until the end. Downloading this application can enhance the functionality of the chat, and you can send instant messages using the application. Besides, you can hide specific notifications when using the application. The best advantage of the app is that you can use it without getting a ban. It has several competitive advantages over GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus application. Furthermore, you can access all the functions before anyone else has access to them. Learn more about the Fouad WhatsApp application and its downloading procedure. 

Fouad Whatsapp: An Overview

WhatsApp has become one of today’s most popular applications for messaging. The app is estimated to have over 1.5 billion monthly active users in 2017. Other users have developed their own variety of mods and knock-off apps due to this popularity. These APK designers typically come up with additional features absent from the official app so that they can be enjoyed by others. FMWhatsApp- Just one of the many mods out there is Fouad WhatsApp. Do you know that you will find more mods in SoftGOZA before we tell you more about it?

Fouad WhatsApp
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Fouad Whatsapp is one of WhatsApp’s most used APKs. Fouad Mokdad, who also created various APKs such as FMWhatsApp, Fouad GBWhatsApp, and more, developed it.

This mod will allow you to customize your plain old interface with various wallpapers, themes, and fonts, similar to other mods of its kind. By providing an application lock with a customizable password, Fouad WhatsApp also helps you with protection.

How Does The Application Work? 

The software performs extremely well and is accessible from many third-party sources. There are several websites that have the modified version of WhatsApp Mod, as the Internet is a great source of such applications. We’re here, fortunately, to keep you away from intrusive searches. After a few days of updating, the app recently lifted the ban that used to be imposed on it.

The initial WhatsApp was used to prevent users from installing the program for no reason. Luckily, on the application, the developers built a security shield and ensured that you could only use the application for yourself. Just make sure that you allow downloading from unknown resources as the first stage, and then move on to every other step.

Salient Features of Fouad WhatsApp Application

Now that you have a basic idea of the application, the salient features can make you understand the app better. Check the below-given list: 

  • You may use the application without getting a ban. 
  • The application has a friendly user-interface and is really easy to use. 
  • Fouad WhatsApp has several customization options you can do with the utmost ease. 
  • You may get the live preview of color changes. 
  • When using the app, you can specify the color on the main screen.
  • Furthermore, you can also specify the color of the chat screen. 
  • The app has a hidden chat feature. It prevents the chats from appearing in the home unread counter. 
  • You may also hide the media from your phone gallery. 
  • It is really easy to set any image on the home screen background. 
  • You will not find a lock wallpaper setting error in this application. 
  • It enables you to set the app to not show the caller name when using the white theme. 

Step-By-Step Procedure To Download The Application

You may not be able to get the application from the Google Play Store. This is why you will need to download the application outside of the Play Store. There are several websites to download the application. Before downloading the application, you need to ensure that the “unknown source” option is enabled. After ensuring that, follow the below-given steps with the full care to download the Fouad WhatsApp application: 

  • In the first place, you need to click on the download link
  • After clicking on the download link, wait until the downloading finishes completely. 
  • Once the application is downloaded, move to the download folder. 
  • Now in the same folder, open the app file and click the install button. 
  • After that, wait for a few minutes until you see the installation success message. 
  • Proceeding further, open the application and set your account. 
  • Now enter your mobile number and complete its validation procedure.
  • Once your number is validated, you will be asked to restore the backup.
  • The backup may take some time, depending upon the backup size. 
  • Enter your name and hit the next button. 
  • You may now change the mode and style from the settings. 

Note: Try to install the latest version of the Fouad WhatsApp to reap the benefits of the anti-ban features. 

What Makes This App So Popular? 

From messaging apps like WhatsApp, consumers are still requesting more. Users expect more from WhatsApp without customization options and features to help you stalk a friend or a former flame. FMWhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp are what make these choices perfect.

You can send messages, make calls, and send files to each other via chat, similar to the official version of the app. But you could also configure your GUI and chat screen with FMWhatsApp, go incognito, and watch the deleted tales of your buddies. FMWhatsApp provides functionality that the original app lacks.

Differences Between WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, And FMWhatsapp

An updated edition of WhatsApp is Fouad Whatsapp. In contrast to the official WhatsApp, it comes with a lot of extra features. However, on your laptop, you can use the applications together. Booth mods have numerous file names, and both mods can be installed on your phone. But for each app, you will have to use various mobile phone numbers.

On the other hand, FMWhatsApp has the characteristics that WhatsApp users were looking for in the original app. This mod is full of choices that you would not necessarily find in the official WhatsApp, from hiding your current status to customizing your app.

Advantages Of Using The Application

When you’ve been using an app for so long, it just gets boring sometimes, even though they work just fine. Using some mods for your app is no issue. Yet, you have to take care of the danger of being blocked by WhatsApp. 

However, Fouad WhatsApp is very different from WhatsApp and offers several amazing features such as anti-ban, customization, and several others. If you already have an understanding of how the software functions, make sure that the new version of the application is downloaded and activated on your Android device. The process is very simple, and 24 x 7 users always have updated links and sources available. Some of the main advantages of the application are stated in the below-given list: 

  • The application supports more than 100 languages, which makes it one of the most liked messaging applications. 
  • You can lock the screen with the utmost ease by using the available set pattern or pin code. 
  • It offers enhanced functions as compared to the WhatsApp original app. However, you will not get any odd feeling when using the application. It has a friendly and eye-soothing user-interface. 


This post elaborates on several important aspects of downloading and using the Fouad WhatsApp application. If you are bored of using just WhatsApp and now want to use the enhanced version of the original app, this post has lots of insightful information for you. If you want more from us, visit our blog section.