How to Convert Videos into Musically Pictures? Explained

Musically Pictures

If you want to convert the Musically videos into the Musically pictures, then this post can help. Musically, formerly known as Tik Tok, is a Chinese application for creating and sharing music videos. This application is launched by the ByteDance company. It can help you to create short-videos of dance, comedy, or to showcase your talent. The short videos range from 3 seconds to 60 seconds. The Tik Tok Wall Picture application can help you to convert the videos into the live wallpapers for the Musically application. In this post, we will elaborate on the steps to convert the video into Musically pictures with the utmost ease. 

Tik Tok Wall Picture: Description 

Tik Tok Wall Picture is a free application to make live wallpapers using Musically videos with a size of just 147KB. This application can help you to convert all types of videos on Musically into Live Wallpapers in no time. The list of the videos can vary from Dance, Comedy, Sports, Food, DIY, Animals, Funny Memes, and several others. You can use live wallpapers wherever you want. Once you install the application on your device, you can have all the fun with the application. 

Main Features of The Tik Tok Wall Picture APK

Now that you have a fine idea about the application, let’s discuss the salient features of Tik Tok Wall Picture: 

Easy & Fast Video Conversion

Converting Videos into Musically live wallpapers is very easy with the application. To utilize the app, you need to install it on your device in the first place. Once downloaded, you can choose any video from your Musically application for conversion. Once you have located the video, download it as a live photo. To get it done, you need to hit the Share button on the screen and choose a live photo. The live Musically pictures will be downloaded in the application by default. 

Seamless Options to Choose From

Installing the application on your device, you don’t need to settle with the stationary wallpapers. Since the app offers to save unlimited live wallpapers, you can choose one for your screen lock and change them when bored. You can change the videos anytime you wish and get a personalized wallpaper on your screen. To get the best live Musically pictures, you need to ensure that the video to be converted should be of high-quality. 

Loads of Fun 

Musically, formerly known as Tik Tok, is a fun application. It enables you to showcase your talent and creativity. Besides, you can have lots of fun with the application. Tik Tok Wall Picture application adds a cherry on the cake. 

How to Convert A Video into Live Wallpaper? 

To convert videos into Musically pictures, you can perform the below-given steps: 

  • In the first place, you need to visit Google Play Store.
  • Now type Tik Tok Wall Picture in the search box.
  • Next, click the icon for the application to download it.
  • Wait for the download procedure to finish. 
  • Once the downloading is over, follow the on-screen instructions with full care to install the application. 
  • After finishing the installation procedure, open Musically application, and locate a video you like to convert. 
  • You may now save videos into Musically pictures. 
  • Once the video is converted, you can save it as your Home Screen and Lock Screen. 
  • You may now enjoy your personalized screen and change it when bored. 

Choosing Between the Musically Pictures for Home Screen

If you have saved more than one Live picture on Tik Tok, then you can choose the Live photos from the album and change your home screen wallpaper. The below-given steps can help: 

  • First of all, open the Tik Tok Wall Picture application. 
  • Next, move to the live wall pictures.
  • Navigate through the album to choose a Live Photo. 
  • Once you are sure about your selection from the Musically pictures, set it as wallpaper. 

Things You Need to Consider When Choosing A Live Musically Wallpaper 

When you choose to download the Tik Tok Wall Picture application for converting Musically pictures, you need to keep a few things in your mind. You can either convert a video into the live wallpaper or choose one if you have many live wallpapers. It can help you to customize your screen lock. You need to keep in mind that if you delete the Tik Tok Wall Picture app, the wallpaper will be deleted simultaneously. You can choose any video to convert into Musically pictures. It can be funny, motivating, health-related, or anything. 

Advantages of Using Tik Tok Wall Picture App in Converting Musically Picture Wallpapers

Once you download the application on your device, you can harvest the multitudinous benefits of the application. Check the below-given list: 

  • The conversion of the Live wallpapers from a Musically video is very easy. Anyone can use this feature to get personalized wallpapers for their screen lock. 
  • The application offers a simple and straightforward Interface. It enables users to navigate through the application with the utmost ease and find the desired options.
  • There are no limitations for saving the videos in the application. You can save as many videos as you want and convert them into Musically pictures. 
  • The amazing features of the application make it a must-install app for Android devices. 

Major Shortcomings of The Application

Now that you know all the features, functions, and advantages of the application and decided that the app is just perfect, hold your horses for a while. Being software, it is not devoid of technical shortcomings. Some of the main limitations of the Tik Tok Wall Picture Application are stated in the below-given list: 

  • The app is not self-intuitive, and you may not be able to find the instructions on how the app works. 
  • Besides, the application has no live photo editing feature.
  • The app can convert videos into live wallpapers. However, the application still needs more filters and effects for converting videos into Musically pictures. 

After reading the full post, you can easily use the Tik Tok Wall Picture application in converting videos into Musically pictures. We post regularly for you so that you can get the most out of following our blog. Stay connected.