Top 8 Thrilling Games from Mouse Breaker

Mouse breaker
Mouse breaker

Mouse Breaker is a UK based gaming website. It was founded in 2001 by Richard Pendry and Alick Stott. The gaming site was one of the earliest browser game portals. It has gained immense popularity in terms of publishing sports. It is mainly known for publishing football games. Later in 2008, UK publisher IPC Media purchased the website. The sum given for the site purchase was rumored to be of seven figures. The gaming site has a vast user base with over 4,500,000 unique users per month. Again in 2016, Mouse Breaker was sold to Spil Games. 

Evolution of The Gaming Site

In the first place, MousePendry and Stott first were working together on flash games in 2000. Their initial projects were a pool game and a simple penalty shoot-out game. It was the main basis of the Blast Billiards franchise. They realized the potential of these two flash games when licensing their copies. In 2003, Mouse Breaker became very popular. They began to work on the gaming site full time as their only source of income. 

List of The Most Popular Mouse Breaker Games

If you are a game lover and explore some cool games on Mouse Breaker, then the below-given list can help. Let’s explore: 

1: Foot Chinko

Foot Chinko is an excellent soccer game that is based on the Japanese Pachinko (a casino game). The aim of the game is to drop the soccer ball on the field and try to make a goal. To do it, you need to pass the ball through the goalkeeper. When playing the game, the levels will get more difficult. Moreover, it will be tough to score goals and win the game. If you want to win the Foot Chinko world cup, then you need to make your way through the continental tournaments in the first place. After that, beat all countries. All the best!

2: Jumpers For Goalposts 5

Jumpers for Goalposts 5 is a soccer game on Mouse Breaker. In this game, you take on the soccer world as a striker. You will have to try to create your legacy in the game. In the first place, you need to prove your skills. Then you can sign a professional contract with a soccer team. It will enable you to compete in real matches. This simulation game shows true dusk to dawn story. The endeavor of the players in this game is to become the most fantastic striker in the world. Start playing! 

3: Soccer Heads 2

Soccer Heads 2 is an amazing follow up to the original Soccer Heads game. In this game, you will need to control a single in an intense one-on-one match. To win the game, you have to score more goals as compared to your opponent. The Soccer Heads 2 uses bobblehead mechanics, and you have to move your player mindfully. It will help you to kick and score efficiently with the ball. Also, you can utilize power-ups as you play. It will give you a fantastic power shot. You can play against an AI opponent. Besides, you can play with a friend using the keyboard’s dual control. Have fun!

4: Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap

Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap is one of the most exciting games on the Mouse Breaker site. This game is built with Flash to work smoothly in the latest browsers. The game has received 315,124 plays. Above all, it has been rated 9.2 out of 10 by more than 3000 people. If you are a soccer lover, then this game will certainly thrill you. The game is easy to play. Show your skills and make your name in the game. Better controls will help you to score more. Explore! 

5: Sports Heads: Basketball Championship

The next game on the list is Sports Heads: Basketball Championship. This game on Mouse Breaker helps you to flaunt your basketball skills. You will get one minute to make as many points as you can. Besides, you can also collect power-ups while playing the game. Sports Heads: The basketball Championship is loaded with fun and excitement. You can easily find the game. To start, choose from one of the popular NBA teams. Once you are done, start scoring and harvest the maximum fun out of the game. You need to win 14 league matches and remain in the top eight teams to make it to the play-offs. 

6: New Season Soccer Challenge

New Season Soccer Challenge from Mouse Breaker has a new stadium and signed new famous faces. In the game, you need to coordinate a pathetic team of sick, incapable, or injured players. You have to start as the assistant chairman. When the game begins, you need to perform with the same team. Check your capabilities!

7: Sports Heads Soccer Championship 2015-2016

Proceeding further, the next game is Sports Heads Soccer Championship 2015-2016 in the list. You can choose any of your favorite English Premier League teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, or Liverpool. Alternatively, you can compete with a friend by selecting the two-player mode. To control the game, you need to use arrow keys to move and space keys to hit the ball. You will get 60 seconds to make as many goals as you can. The player with the highest number of goals will win. Get ready! 

8: Sports Heads Tennis Open

The next Mouse Breaker game is the Sports Heads Tennis Open. It is a return of the Tennis Heads game. In this game, you need to compete in the Tennis Open. The game is inspired by US Open games. Show your tennis skills to achieve victory in the game. The game was released in September 2015. It was developed by Mouse breaker originally. The game is compatible with modern web browsers. 


This post depicts a comprehensive list of the Mouse Breaker games that you can enjoy on your system. These games have gained immense popularity over time. Play to know why! If you want to get more interesting posts, just stay in touch with us.