How to make your website responsive?


Have you ever come across a website that is not displayed properly on your mobile screen? Bet you have, at least a few times and it sounds very annoying, doesn’t it? That’s why all online business owners are now considering the mobile responsiveness of their website as a mandatory feature, rather than a fancy option. As such, if you are looking for services like professional web design in Dubai to build your own website, it is worth your while to get yourself familiar with the most crucial best mobile responsiveness practices to comply with. Let’s dive deeper and see what it takes to do so.

Proper white space makes content more clear on mobile screen

Mobile phone screens are obviously far smaller than desktop and laptop screens. In such a limited space all call to action buttons, textual contents, product specs and a lot more must be shown appropriately, so the user will be able to conveniently surf and act. As such, don’t stuff up your web pages with content and CTA buttons as much as it fits in. Allow for proper space between the elements, so users will be able to see, read and act as easily as possible. That is very important for websites with a lot of information and CTA buttons such as ecommerce websites. Hence, if you are after ecommerce web design in Dubai, to build your online store, pay high attention to the white spaces at the design phase.    

Flash and Pop-ups must be avoided for better responsiveness

Adobe flash is a great tool to make animated content, however they are not supported on mobile phones. In other words, your visual content, if made by Adobe Flash will not be displayed on a mobile screen. As an alternative, you can use HTML5 which perfectly works on mobile phones and gives you a wide range of options to make animated content. In terms of pop-ups, even though they will be displayed on mobile screens, due to the limited space, they are usually annoying for mobile users. As such, don’t use pop-ups if you are willing to have a responsive website.

Select responsive layout

By selecting a responsive theme, the website displays on mobile screens perfectly, In other words, once a visitor enters into the website, the webpage appearance changes and rescaled, based on the users’ device screen. To be more specific, a two column desktop website will be displayed as a one column website, once a mobile user enters in. You must be vigilant to not forget putting the viewport code into all your webpages for a perfect mobile responsiveness. Here is the viewport code for your information:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>

Speed it up to support mobile users in remote areas

Even  though the website loading speed doesn’t have much to do with mobile responsiveness, you must think of all situations that your visitors may be in, once visiting your website. Think of a loyal customer that is in urgent need of your service while located in a remote area with limited access to the internet. In that case, your webpages loading speed must be high enough to support that customer. Otherwise, you would most probably lose a loyal customer, that is the last thing you may want! Hence, website loading speed is a crucial factor, when it comes to mobile responsiveness. 


Mobile responsiveness is a must for all websites of any type these days. On top of that, the appearance of your content, regardless of being textual or visualized, must be perfect on mobile screens and identifiable and understandable by all users of any age and background. Hence, making your website responsive is not only about selecting a responsive theme! There are also other graphical factors that must be in place for a website to be perfectly responsive. It is highly recommended to work with a professional web design company to rest assured about the quality of your website. One of the leading web design companies in Dubai that you can select with peace of mind is Websima DMCC. They have a talented team on board and have delivered quality projects to a wide range of customers across different industries over the past decade.Contact Websima with confidence and ask for a free consultation meeting to discuss your needs and they will get back to you with a solution that suits your needs best.