How to prevent back problems at work


Neck tension, an aching spine, not to mention a slipped disc. Back pain has long since become the number one widespread disease. It is clear, however, that many of the complaints are caused by one-sided strain at the workplace, which can also be prevented by making a few changes. It is not only the employees themselves who should take care not to put too much strain on their backs for the sake of their health, but entrepreneurs should also take care to create a pleasant workplace for their employees that can prevent back pain and thus prevent long periods of sick leave. But how to take care of the back at work and maintain good health for a long time?

What causes back pain in the workplace?

It’s quite clear, pain in the back cannot only be caused by work, but since most people spend a large part of their time at work, this is where the greatest risks of damaging the back in the long term lurk. Yet the uncomfortable pain can be caused not only by a physical strain, but also by psychological discomfort such as ongoing stress, conflict, or tightly scheduled appointments.

The most common cause of back pain at work, however, is monotonous strain that causes tension in the back or even the neck. Those who have to sit for hours at a PC in an uncomfortable office chair put one-sided strain on their backs, causing painful body parts. Employees sit for about 11.5 hours a day, although the human body is designed for an upright position. So it’s no wonder that many people are plagued by back pain.

How can you avoid back pain at work in an uncomplicated way?

1. more movement

Sitting for long periods of time and little movement are the biggest pain factor in back pain. To relieve the body and especially the spine, regular exercise is essential. The ideal solution is a standing desk that allows employees to get out of their office chair and continue their work in an upright position. A standing desk invites more movement and relieves the body in the strenuous office routine.

2. posture

Not only can an ergonomic office chair help support ideal posture, but you should also make sure to sit up straight to relieve strain on your back. Even when walking and standing, you should always make sure to put your body in an upright position to avoid damage to your spine.

3. relax

In between, take a break and let the body relax. Gently move the muscles in order to relieve the strain on them, or even stroke tense muscle areas with the fascia roller in order to make them flexible again.

4. do not remain rigidly seated

Sometimes it is simply not possible to do the work at the standing desk. Anyone who has to sit for long periods of time should always make sure not to remain seated in a fixed position. Shifting your body repeatedly to stress different muscle groups can help you avoid painful tension.

What else can you do for a healthy back?

Not only in the office, but in life as a whole, you should take the strain off your back so that you can cope with everyday working life without any worries.

1. reduce weight

Too much body weight is a common reason for a painful back. Getting rid of excess kilos does something good for your general well-being.

2. stay active

Using the stairs instead of taking the elevator, taking a walk during your lunch break, you don’t have to be a top athlete if you want to have a healthy back. Regular exercise is enough to strengthen the muscles and thus also relieve the back.

3. back-friendly carrying and lifting

If you want to transport something with muscle power, you should involve the whole body and not just strain your back. This keeps the back strong and pain-free.