Mrs Money Mustache and His Financial Suggestions

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Mrs Money Mustache is the pseudonym of the 46-year-old Canadian born blogger Peter Adeney. Besides, he also runs his website with the same name. Adeney retired at the age of 30 years in 2005. He spends a small percentage of his salary and contends middle-class individuals to spend less money and own fewer physical possessions. According to Adeney, it provides increased financial freedom and happiness. He also invests the remaining money in vedStock market index funds after managing his basic day-to-day requirements. You can get to know more about Mrs Money Mustache by reading this post until the end.

Retirement Story of Mrs Money Mustache

Adeney’s blog on the expenditure habits of middle-class individuals caught the attention of many media outlets. In the blog, he described the typical middle-class family as “an exploding volcano of wastefulness.” It addressed the overspending of undesired physical possessions such as expensive cars. 

Major Breakthrough

The blog from Mrs Money Mustache grabbed the attention of several media outlets. It was the primary reason behind the too early retirement of Peter Adeney at the age of 30. He and his wife both were software engineers, gaining an average income of $67,000 per year individually. They gathered $600,000 in investments at the time of their retirement. Besides, they also get a mortgage-free house worth $200,000. 

The Mustachians Community

Mrs. Money Mustache’s website includes an online forum apart from the blog’s comment thread, where you can discuss your personal financial matters. The people who follow or believe in his philosophy are known as the Mustachians. The forum topics can be anything related to this particular niche, such as frugal living, investing large sums of money, and retiring exceptionally early. The community has so much to offer to its members:

Mustachian Marketplace

The Mustachian Marketplace enables the readers to connect with other readers to make deals such as buying and selling goods or services. Besides, the marketplace can also be related to the trades or jobs. The marketplace lets you build your network of interesting people who can work with you before and after your retirement.

Meetups and Social Events

If you want to meet up with the other Mustachians, then you will get the option to plan a meet up with absolute ease.

Mustachian Book Club

The Book Club of the Mrs Money Mustache community has a huge database of books that can answer several questions based on financial decisions.

Mrs Money Mustache Application

Now that you know pretty much about Peter Adeney let’s discuss his application Mr. Money Mustache. The application includes a list of blogs based on financial independence based on different perspectives. The specialty of his writing is to present his idea of financial freedom with a snarky and no-nonsense attitude. Through all his posts, he demonstrates how to live a life of leisure and happiness economically. This application was developed by a husband and wife team for the FI community. The main goal of the application is to help people in attaining financial independence, connect people with each other, and engage the existing members.

Advantages You Can Harvest By Downloading The App On Your Devices

Downloading the Mr. Money Mustache App on your device can help you to reap the below-given advantages:

  • The app enables you to read several articles helpful in tracking your progress.
  • Turning on the app-notification, you can get to know when a new article is published.
  • You can add articles as favorites and share them with your friends.
  • It allows you to save the articles offline so that you can read them even on the go.
  • The Mrs Money Mustache application lets users interact with other readers via comments, messaging, and maps.
  • Besides, you may search for articles on your favorite topics with the smart search option.
  • You can easily estimate your FI date with the FI Calculator with the help of the application.
  • Above all, you can reduce your expenditure and boost saving by following the articles available within the app.

Paid Features of The Mr. Money Mustache Application

You can get an annual subscription to the application for as low as $9.99 and get access to its premium features stated in the below-given list:

  • You can listen to articles via the text to speech option.
  • It enables you to access unlimited offline articles from device storage.
  • The paid subscription offers an ad-free experience of the article reading.
  • Comprehensive filters to search and read your favorite topics.
  • It unleashes the synchronization between multiple Android devices.

Mrs. Money Mustache Application Subscription Cost

The price of the subscription can vary from one location to another. When confirming your purchase, you have to make a payment to your Google Play account. You need to cancel the subscription before 24 hours of the current period if you don’t want to get it renewed. You can visit your Play Store account to manage or cancel the subscription after the purchase.

What’s New in The Latest Updated Version of The Application

The latest update of the application has introduced the below-given features:

  • iOS 14 support
  • Added “Mark Read Until Date” feature
  • Fixed bug when responding to comments in MMM articles

What is Mrs Money Mustache’s Net Worth?

Mrs. Money Mustache doesn’t reveal the exact figure of his net worth. However, the estimated net worth of Adeney is between $3 million to $5 million. Above all, the young age and deliberate approach of Mr. Money Mustache helped him grow his money exponentially. He has shared the idea of being rich in his blog titles as “Getting Rich: from Zero to Hero in One Blog Post.” However, his posts offer all-around coverage to address the multi-faceted challenges of effective money management and overcome them with handy solutions. 

Mrs Money Mustache book –

Yes, you can read, learn and understand the whole concept of financial investment in a way that you are further able to develop yourself as a financially independent entity. There is a book written jointly by JL Collins and Mrs Money Mustache named Simple path to wealth you can read that and follow the tips accordingly.

Final Words

Mrs Money Mustache blogs can help you in attaining financial independence by cutting down unnecessary expenses and investing your money wisely. Today, Mr. Money Mustache is a big name and keeps inspiring the Mustachins (the followers of his philosophy) with his friendly blogs. If you were not aware of this name, then this post can help you to know about the various aspects of Peter Adeney. If you want more exciting posts similar to Mrs. Money Mustache, visit our blog section and explore some awe-inspiring posts! Stay connected!