The Layover: My One Night with a Pilot


This is a guest post from Maike Mocikat, online travel guru and part of the team behind future project Postits. She tells us about her one-night fling with a mysterious pilot in town for one-night only on a layover.

Certain professions come with certain clichés and assumptions that have somewhat of a sexual side note to it. And with that said, my story is possibly just a version of any woman’s unholy fantasy about herself with a man in uniform.

It would be interesting to read the mind of any woman at the sight of a handsome man in a uniform. The pilot is a great example. He is the cosmopolitan, well-travelled, confident man that rushes through the airport followed by an entourage of staff. By the way he carries himself you know he is good at what he does. A man in charge. And somehow you can’t help but wonder how this translates over in the bedroom. As someone who travels that much will have a hard time maintaining a stable relationship, he is no stranger to casual sex.

“the next thing I know is I encourage him to follow me upstairs to the guest room”

I spent a long weekend in Amsterdam visiting my sister. So Saturday I find myself at a birthday party where everyone besides the birthday girl (my sister) and her boyfriend are strangers to me. At that point there were both in aviation so a good amount of the other party attendees were in the same business. As I made my way back from the kitchen to the living room to get another drink, I almost dropped my glass when I saw a man in full pilot attire entering the room. The first thought that entered my mind: Really? Do you want to be that guy, at the party?! After he changed into regular clothes I found it more tolerable to converse with him, but I found him a bit pretentious, showing off how well-travelled he was and to be quite honest playing the pilot card a little too much for my taste. However, later on a story came up that earned him points in my book. His mom is deaf and when him and his brother were little they used to unplug the vacuum cleaner. Unaware of the sound, the mom kept vacuuming until she saw her boys laughing. I know; it’s a little messed up, but also kind of funny, right?! This humor and silliness admittedly intrigued me, but it wasn’t until the end of the party when only a small group of people was left when I decided to let the pilot have it. It was an exchange of looks, a snappy but yet flirtatious comment I made and the next thing I know is I encourage him to follow me upstairs to the guest room.

“It was everything I wanted and more. I’m still surprised about my own nonchalance”

It was without a doubt one of the most exciting nights of my life. It was everything I wanted and more. I’m still surprised about my own nonchalance. Thinking back to it, I ask myself now “Did I really do that? Did I really have the guts to pull that off?!” My inhibitions were non-existent in that moment. The fact that I had no further expectations was exactly what was so comforting to me. And against all my horrible one night stand imagination of the awkward morning after, I have’t never felt so at ease with someone I didn’t know. He seemed to have much more experience with nights like that, which might just be an occupational hazard. Not that I really cared, but I returned to Munich unable to shake off the thoughts about that night for days.


About the Author: Maike Mocikat

You will notice Maike in a crowd as she will be the loudest one laughing (most likely in an inappropriate moment). Aside from basketball, fashion, and writing she has a weakness for chocolate and happens to work in the online travel industry. With two partners in crime she is working on a master plan which shall be revealed shortly via thepostits but for now you can follow her on twitter @MissMoci.


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