Naming the Delhi Rape Victim


The Delhi Police is leaving no stone unturned to be in the dominant position by not allowing the despised friend of the brutal rape victim to file a legal complaint against them. He has blamed the police who did not respond on time and paid no heed to the devastating condition of his friend who lay naked on the road after being thrown out of the bus.

The dejected father of the 23 year old physiotherapy student, who died on December 28 in a Singapore hospital, has been consistently pleading to the civil authorities to allow the media to take the name of his deceased daughter in order to present her as an inspiration to the countless victims of sexual assault in a country where crimes, such as rape, are committed every 20 minutes. He added. “My daughter will provide courage to other women who survived similar attacks. She did not do anything wrong, she died protecting herself.”

Shashi Tharoor, the Minister of State for Human Resource Development in India, has questioned the benefits of not naming the gallant girl in public media. He has also suggested naming a new Anti-Rape law after her.

The rape victim has been honoured with the name ‘Nirbhaya’ (a sanskrit word that means fearless) after she courageously fought the deadly condition and showed immense spirit towards life during her last days at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. Her brutal condition has created a massive outcry among the people of the world’s largest democracy. Many famous celebrities have taken to the streets demanding stricter laws for the protection of women’s rights and insisted on giving the highest degree of punishment to all the accused in this case.

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Because of the country’s complicated legal procedures, the formal trial of the five main accused will commence after several weeks. However, the Delhi Police has confirmed involvement of all the accused in this crime by matching their DNA samples with Nirbhaya’s blood.

One activist claimed, “Most sex crimes in India go unreported due to an ineffective legal system.” This thought has again raised questions regarding the highly respected constitution of India.

Source: Yahoo! News


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