The Sex Industry of Australia


Langtrees, located in Perth, Western Australia, is one of the country’s most popular brothels.

The workers there are known to earn up to $1500 in a night. One of the workers, who goes by the name Ruby for security purposes, pointed out the fact that Australia is one of the best places in the world for sex workers.
The sex workers here have been known to make up to $200,000 in a year. There are women who come to Australia from all over the world. The profession is known to earn up to $400 per hour as a basic rate spent on the house and the worker.

Most of the clients are people who travel abroad for long trips and are struggling to handle long distance relationships.

Prostitution is actually legal across Australia but there is a bill that is in Parliament that seeks to make it harder for people to take up this career. This is mainly because many people feel like the profession exploits young women and girls who are vulnerable. This is not a view that has been shared by the residents of Australia.

This was more of a government initiative as opposed to pressure from the public. The government is having issues gaining support to help the bill sail through because it does not have enough support. People who are against the bill say that criminalising the job will make people start going for less safer ways to go about it.

They say that trying to stamp out this trade will open the door to people doing it under hidden circumstances for fear of getting caught. There have been efforts to stop it all over the world and they have failed.

This legislation is currently stalled in parliament but the elections coming might end up reviving the debates. At the moment, the business is still at its peak with many people making good money from it.

Source: BBC News

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