Sex Improves With Age


A study brings to light that women have more satisfying sexual encounters as they get older, reaching a peak in the middle age.

It is believed that the climax of sexual desire occurs in youth and that this decreases with age, but a study has just demonstrated that sex not only doesn’t decrease with age, but it even improves its quality. Each period has something that makes it special, so don’t worry about your future sex life. Here are the facts:

Sex at 25

At this age many women still don’t take the reins and responsibilities of their lives: in many cases they are still living with their parents and / or don’t have a stable job. Impatience is the common element. Although it is believed they are on top of eroticism and seduction, sex can sometimes cause frustration for not meeting expectations.

Sex at 35

Many studies agree that women reach the climax in their sex lives after their 30s. At that point they are more mature, they know their body, their reactions and preferences; they know what they want , how they want it and when they want it.

Moreover, at this time there is a change in the female hormonal balance, which makes them increase their interest in sex life. That usually likes men, which they are also improving in the sexual area with the years; and this creates a more liberal and uninhibited sex.

Sex at 45

Once behind the obligations and the direct care of children and the house, the couple returns to having more space and freedom for sexual encounters. Furthermore, it is said that at 50 women are sexually aroused and able to surrender to the experience of love and desire. They no longer feel repressed by society, so their relations improve their quality, although sometimes its frequency can be reduced.

Sex at 55

Although sex happens with less frequency, it can have a higher quality, as the couple knows each other perfectly, the woman not only knows her reactions but also her partner’s.

At this age men can sometimes need the help of their partner because they may require more stimulation to produce the same effects as before, causing this a more intense relation, with more contact and greater affection.

Sex at 65

Whenever the couple is in good health and not taking medications that interfere with sexual response, it is very exciting, albeit less frequently, maintain an active sex life. In fact, doctors recommend having sex at this age because it stimulates physical and mental health.

Of course our sex lives need some help to keep alive, so it’s always necessary to talk to our pair about our needs and the things we like. Be patient. Take your time to enjoy all the different stages of sex and if you are bored of your routine look for apartments in Rome prices and disappear for a romantic vacation.


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