Sexy Men Around The World: The Australian Bogan


As a traveller, I have met men from all over the world but I will always have a soft spot for men from my native Australia. And by that, I don’t mean the garden variety Aussie but a very special breed of Australian often overlooked in the sexiness stakes – the Bogan.

As a follow up to ‘The International Man of Sexiness’ as Defined By Female Travel Bloggers, I will share the reasons why the male bogan has a very special place in my heart.

What Is A Bogan?

It is no easy task to define what a bogan is. Cricketer (and current boyfriend of Liz Hurley) Shane Warne is perhaps the most famous living bogan. According to the definitive Bible on all things Bogan Things Bogans Like: “the bogan today defies income, class, race, creed, gender and logic.”   

Once easily identifiable by their working class lifestyle, many bogans have become wealthy due to the mining boom and high paying employment in the trades. This has seen the rise of the ‘cashed up’ bogan: the affluent bogan with money to spend on flashy consumer goods.

That said there are a few telltale signs that even non-Australians should be able to spot. The first is the accent. While many Australians have an accent that can be easily mistaken for a Kiwi or British one, bogans speak in an ocker drawl that is often incomprehensible. Think more Steve Irwin and less Nicole Kidman.

Male bogans also have a distinctive style. They can often be spotted wearing singlets – either of the navy or Bintang variety. Even if he’s never visited Bali, a bogan’s wardrobe is not complete without a Bintang beer singlet.

Don’t Believe The Stereotype

Bogans have a reputation as being uncultured and uncouth but this is simply untrue. Unlike his American counterpart, the Redneck, or his British equivalent, the Chav, the Bogan is remarkably well travelled. They can be found in the party hostels of South America, on Contiki buses in Europe and pretty much everywhere in Thailand and Bali.

Bogans have been stereotyped as being racist but truth be told, the male bogan loves foreign women. So much so that many hostels in Australia allegedly have a policy of not admitting Australians due to their reputation for hitting on female backpackers.

Bogans also love Asian women (see the entry on Things Bogans Like). This is probably why there’s so many of them in Thailand.

Why Bogans Are Sexy

Bogans have a rugged charm and sense of humour that is hard to resist. If you like manly men and don’t value sobriety or a sense of fashion in a mate, the male bogan is a good choice.

Although the same cannot be said of his older contemporaries, the young bogan is usually in good shape from working as a labourer and his interest in sport (usually AFL or rugby) means that he is unlikely to spend all of his time playing video games.

As mentioned earlier, bogans often earn good incomes from working in a trade or in the mines and although Australian men don’t usually pay for the women they are courting, I’m sure you will agree that there is something very sexy about a successful man.

So there you have it ladies. While it almost seems like a rite of passage to have a torrid holiday romance with a sultry Spaniard or sensuous Frenchman, I say make your next international conquest an Aussie bloke. Even if you’ve already been with an Australian, you haven’t had the complete Down Under experience until you’ve been with a bogan.


About the Author

Anneliese is a blogger from Australia who writes about her travels on her website All Signs Point To Yes. You can read more about her sexcapades herehere and here.


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