The Hilary Clinton Sextape


How much would you pay to see a Hillary Clinton sex tape? 5, 10,20, what about 50 dollars?

Man, fuck Kim and Ray J’s, fuck Pam and Tommy’s.  As much as I loved “One Night in Paris,” if the eminent Secretary of State performed in all her secretary secretariness she would surely take a spot in the sex tape hall of fame, way ahead of all those amateurs.

Now, before you get your tallywackers in a knot, I will say, Bill and her never played hanky-panky in front of a camera.

The scene where Bill plunders his wifes nether areas while she’s in doggie position, and Hilary asks,”Is it in,” and Bill responds, “Well it depends on what the definition of is-is,” and in devil like fashion, she cocks her head back a full 180 degrees “Oh, fuck you Bill!” she sneers, get up and flicks Bill’s left testicle and snaps,” Bill. That’s not funny!” stomping out of the room.

Bill, in his nasally, baritone voice called out in desperation,  “Hilary!” this time raising his tone,”Hilary! It was just a joke! Hilary! Come back!”

The click of her heels now inaudible, “God damnit, women can’t take a joke, I swear,” He sticks his hand out, turning over his palm, pauses and says,” Alright Gary, it looks like it’s just me and you tonight,”

That never happened, but FreedomWorks; conservative advocacy group, founded in part by the famed David Koch, created a mock Hillary Clinton sextape, where a panda dined on Hillary Clinton’s beef enchilada.

Two of their interns were asked to star in this flick, one sporting a Panda costume, the other wearing a Hillary Clinton mask.

As you can imagine, outrage ensued.

This is the same advocacy group that allegedly spent 100s of thousands of dollars in company resources to buy their CEOs latest book, so that it would land on the New York Times Bestseller list. Corrupt Much?

Now, Hillary, I know your tenancy in Foggy Bottom is nearing an end, but we could be great together. I could write the porn scripts, you could star in them. We would be great together. Think about it.

Source: Mother Jones


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