‘The International Man of Sexiness’ as Defined by Female Travel Bloggers


In our quest to piece together the ‘International Man of Sexiness’ we turned to the women who have most experience in the field: the female travel bloggers. Above is a graphical representation of what they said, below are their individual comments.

Alexandra Kovacova


There is this thing about the Swedish guys I can’t really explain. Maybe it is their warm smile they need to survive the cold days in winter or it can be the sexy muscular bodies they have. Their muscles and smile make them irresistible!

The nicest accent of the world for me is the one the Argentinians have. The way they pronounce Y and LL is so sexy that you will fall in love with all of them, no matter how ugly they are.

I thought all the gentlemen are gone already ad it is out of fashion nowadays. But I found out I was wrong when I traveled around Mexico for three months in 2010. I was shocked when a guy opened the car door for me and then waited for me to sit to close the door. You Mexicans, rock!

The Spanish guys are so good when it comes to talking sweet that they make you fall in love with them easily. All the “mi amor” stuff shouting at you at the street will at least make your day even if they do not really mean it!


Nicole Smith

Irish men have the sexiest accents, when I can understand them, and a fun loving nature. When they utter sweet words in my ear I just melt and they sure do know how to have an adventure! I discovered this during my brief camp romance in 2012 and am intent on seeing if it remains the same when I’m back in Ireland next week.

British men offer the level of chivalry which all men should set their standards too. They hold doors, guide your seat, walk on the road-side to protect you from cars, and offer their jackets to you on cold winter nights even when they are feeling a bit nippy. I discovered this with a brief romance when living in the UK in 2009 with one particularly well versed and chivalrous young gentleman.

I may be biased but Australians do have the best bodies. Tanned, ripped Gods of the Southern hemisphere a day at any beach will show you just how manly they really are, but if you see budgie smugglers (Speedos) run the other way because that man is just too into himself, intent on displaying his package much like a peacock fluffing his feathers.


Toni White


Dutch have the best personalities. They know how to have fun but they’re very kind and attentive; something I experienced both on Koh Tao and in Africa.

Germans are the best in bed. If you want hot action, they’re the ones to grab, especially when I wanted my liveaboard dive boat in Thailand to rock a little harder than usual.

Americans are the best looking. Their bodies are well-toned, they’re usually tall and their have manly faces; I couldn’t help but hop into bed in Bali with one of them!


Rebecca Enright


I have never really fancied Asian men until I made my way to Cambodia in 2010, where the concept of ‘Yellow Fever’ caught hold of me. The beautiful face with high cheekbones, a body with not an ounce of fat on it (but with hard working muscle) and a person who lives in a culture where affection is not shown publically, but who can fully makes up for it behind closed doors. And it’s not true what they say about Asian guys either.

I’ve recently fallen for a few Kiwi guys. I love their laid back approach to life, which translates into their personality. They are funny without being arrogant, and take life as it comes. Also, upon returning from the homeland they also bring back with them a sexy sunshine glow. However, despite good times, this positive trait then translates into what is quite simply known as ‘elusiveness’. All in all the dudes from New Zealand are pretty hard to work out! I would rate them in a Top 5 list of ‘International Men of Mystery’.


Alexandra Pucherelli


After two weeks in Rio de Janeiro I walked away with the knowledge that Brazilian Men are the sexiest men on the planet. I adore there accents, zest for life and kinky ways. They can do no wrong by me.

Turkish men are the least sexy. I was told my more than one in casual conversation, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to rape you!” If that isn’t the worst pick up line ever than I am not sure what is.

I have traveled the world and leered at my share of eye candy but the best dressed most stylish men for me are found at home. American men from New York City have a style that tops the rest of the world. They can be dapper and chic to funky and trendy but whatever personal styles they embrace they do it well.

Kiwi men have the best cave man attributes. They can start fires with two sticks, climb mountains and hunt. If there was an Apocalypse I would want to be in their cave.


Kiri Bowers

Now I may have a bit of Brazilian in me and my booty may well be larger than most but it’s not just Brazilian women who have famous bottoms. I have met a few dark and handsome Brazilian fellows on the road and Hello Mr Fabulous Arse in jeans…

Is it wrong for me to note that the myths about African origin men in the trouser department are true? Boyfriend look away now, HELL YEAH it’s true! Sorry.

I have been almost blinded by American/Canadian smiles around the world.  Goddamit those men know how to look after their teeth.


Seattle Dredge


Scandinavians are the most intriguing. They are sarcastic, mischievous and sometimes a little mysterious. I’ve had some fun Norwegian nights and attended a few crazy Icelandic parties. Can you say sexy Vikings?

Indians have the best features. I might be biased because my boyfriend is Indian, but I am a sucker for his dark eyes and thick lashes. Don’t even get me started on his plump lips and tan skin…

Quebecers are the most charming. The have the perfect mixture between North American wit and European appeal, minus the cheesy Euro pick-up lines. And the accent? Oh God… J’aime les Québécois.


Lindsay Hogg

While in South America for 4 months I learned that Latin men can really move their hips. Did I mention, I don’t dance?

I’m proud to say that my homeland (Canada) produces delicious lumberjacks. I like my men with face fuzz and some chest curls. Add a plaid shirt to that and put an axe in his hand, BOING! He can leave the axe at the side of the bed though, I’m not into that shit.




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