The World’s Strangest Sex Laws


strange sex laws

Here at TravelSexLife we like to think that we take a pretty impartial, pretty liberal approach to things. It’s probably the best way to talk about a topic so sensitive as sex right?

Still, where imposing our will and opinions on others simply isn’t our style, what’s apparent to us is that other people around the world just can’t seem to help it. That’s right. Wherever you travel in the world, law and order abounds.

So in view of what we’re about the present to you, please take a moment to consider the following. The cultural and societal mores that make-up your western upbringing? Might be just as weird to others as some of these seem to you.

So virgins and masturbators beware, let’s talk strange sex laws.


We’ve all heard Lebanon’s a pretty sweet place to go to chow down on some fine kebabs and other meats, but do a bit more exploring and you’ll find something a little more unsavoury lurking in the country’s legal system. Animal sex.

According to Lebanese law, men can enjoy a jolly good time with any animal of their choosing so long as its female. And good looking.

How choosey is one going to get though eh? A horse is a horse is a horse.


It’s hard to believe that Guam is an unincorporated territory of the US, especially when one turns to the country’s weird sex law concerning virgins.

Legally prevented from getting married, virgins are a rare breed on this Pacific island, with apparent government-backed “sex squads” roaming the land armed with only one thing on their minds. Deflowering.

Probably not the best place to travel if you happen to be heading over for a wedding. Especially if you and your partner are saving yourselves for each other!


Home to the biggest Muslim population on earth, Indonesia is the place to head if you’re a couple looking to enjoy each other all you want. However, amid all that passion and lust, just make sure that’s the only thing you’re doing as in Indonesia masturbation carries a penalty of decapitation.

Better make sure you put away any self-assisting toys you’ve gotten from and stick to playing with each other then. Yes Lola, we’re looking at you on this one.

Hong Kong

You might well be right in thinking that things hot up in Hong Kong during the summer, but that’s nothing compared to what it could be like living in the crossfire of a jilted wife.

In Hong King a wife whose husband has slept with another woman is legally allowed to kill him, provided that she does so with her bare hands.

Still that’s not the end of it. Hong Kong wives are also permitted to kill the other woman by any means they see fit. That means spoons, cleavers, shovels or – because they’re far enough away from Indonesia – whopping great sex toys too. Ouch.

Washington State, The USA

And there was you thinking that The USA was the calm, rational face of sexual reason right up until the state of Washington fell into your glare right?

With a law stating that it’s completely illegal to have sex with a virgin – even on the night of your wedding – we’re not quite sure how people end up procreating in this part of Uncle Sam’s territory at all.

Having sex outside the state first we imagine. Otherwise there must be a lot of horny near-fugitives running around.

Nevada, The USA

Oh, America. It just gets worse from here on in. According to law it’s illegal for anyone to have sex without a condom in the dry desert state of Nevada.

So those who would simply rather not wear condoms? You’ll have to get your kicks elsewhere. And as for any aspiring parents? Let’s just hope you at least did it in Vegas first. Especially before heading north to take off the shrink wrap in Washington State.

Wisconsin, The USA

Dang. It gets worse.

Travel to the small town of Connorsville, Wisconsin and you won’t be able to engage in that favourite habit of shooting that gun off of yours just as your female partner comes to the point of orgasm.

Itchy trigger fingers can be put to better use here so it would seem.

Heard of any other weird sex laws from around the world? Simply like to outlaw something yourself? Let us know in the comments below…


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