TravelSexLife’s Ultimate Hook-Up Hostel


TravelSexLife's Ultimate Hook-Up Hostel

You know you want it, you filthy little backpacker you. We’ve seen you reading our site, filling your head with ideas of intercontinental romps and slipping your hands down into your nether regions while browsing the hotness on display here.

Be careful. We’re on to you.

OK, so admittedly, we may have led you on a little. What could we really expect having carved out our little sexy niche in the world of travel writing? You’re human after all. And humans get horny as hell.

Just as well then that today TravelSexLife’s going out on a limb to crank your sexual travelling fantasies up a notch or four. Yup, we’re talking about that most holy of backpacker hotspots, the one that’s seen more sex than Santa’s seen stockings, yes, you know what we’re talking about. The humble hostel.

Now we’ve already heard some creative ways and means as to how to make “it” happen in a hostel, but how could a hostel itself facilitate your fetishes? Deliver those dangerous dreams of lust and adventure?

We turned it over to the people we know best, ourselves and our readers, to see just what makes up the ultimate hook-up hostel.

Are you ready to book a few nights in advance? Perhaps check out the options at first!

Dream Hook-Up Hostel Facilities


Connie Biesalski, Planet Backpack:

“A bar with lots of alcohol and a dance floor. Tropical climate = little clothing, lots of skin. Cheap private rooms or close to the beach or a pool. A condom machine. Many beautiful people.”


Cole Burmester, Four Jandals:

“Non-squeaking bunks.”



Kate McCulley, Adventurous Kate:

“Big, private, lockable bathrooms tricked out for handicap access (you can do a lot with the bars).”


Kiri Bowers, Travel Bumpkin:

“Two showers next to each other with nothing but glass in between. Voyeurism delight! Hostel ‘do not disturb’ signs in ready supply in the shower room.”


Erica Buist, Editor:

“My ultimate hook-up hostel would have a hot tub on a roof terrace. It’s a good place to meet and chat to strangers (“We’re in a hot tub together! Let’s be mates!”) and the setting is romantic enough for things to go further if you want them to.”


Caroline Eubanks, Caroline In The City:

“Thick walls.”



Val Bromann,

“A hostel where the beds are built into the walls with curtains in front so you are in your own little cubby. Nice and private.”


Adam Groffman, Travels of Adam:

“Hostels that have rooftop access (like many in the Middle East).”



Diana Edelman, D Travels Round:

“Late night private rooms available! Slide a credit card into a vacant private room and BAM.”



Talon Windwalker, 1Dad1Kid:

“It’s been so long since I’ve had any it wouldn’t require any special features except some privacy.”


Lauren Juliff, Neverending Footsteps:

“Every doorway would be a giant sponge vagina that you’d have to climb through to get to your room.”


Dream Hook-Up Hostel Atmosphere


Andrew Caldwell,

“Barry White on loop.”



Will Peach, TravelSexLife Editor:

“Full to the brim of Scandinavian girls all gunning for my heart. There’d have to be plush comfy sofas and a big screen showing an adaptation of my life on film with James Franco playing the part of myself, LL Cool J the role of Stephen and Justin Bieber cast as Michael. I could definitely imagine whiling a few hours away in that kind of hostel lounge.”


Jeannie Mark, The Nomadic Chick:

“Hot men who don’t speak English, so you can eliminate the chit-chat. Best combo ever.”


Theodora Sutcliffe, Travels With A 9 Year Old:

“Hot, and not too picky, men.”



Robert Schrader, Leave Your Daily Hell:

“No straight people.”



Alexandra Pucherelli, Fluent In Frolicking:

“Cheap private rooms, lots of booze, hammocks because this is still on my to ‘aahhhem in’ list.”


Jeremy Albelda, The World or Bust:

“One that lets you bring girls back from the outside world!”




Dream Hook-Up Hostel Complimentary Gifts

Lola DiMarco, Where In The World is Lola?:

“Condoms and lube my friends!”



Jaime Davila, Breakaway Backpacker:

“A condom bowl… sometime you just run out and need some available in the hostel. Oh and since it’s a hostel it must have a dorm so it would be nice if every bunk was built to withstand a good round of sex along with some curtain for privacy.”


Stephen Wright, TravelSexLife Editor: 

“Backpacking in the States under 21 was always a bit of a pain when it came to drinking. The best hostels I stayed at always found a way around the country’s strict drinking laws, the most inventive of which was a Coke machine where the ‘Mountain Dew’ button delivered you a cold (if somewhat shaken-up) Miller beer. Keep the beers coming and it won’t be the only thing frothing up with delight.


So that’s it for our ultimate hook-up hostel. Perhaps your dreams aren’t too much of a reality right now, but hang on in there as this check-list wings it way to hostel owners and designers everywhere.

For other news and information on sweet accommodation options, make sure you check out the blog too.

Got any more ideas to add to the list?


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