When and How to Use an Ovulation Calculator or Calendar?


What is Ovulation?

It is the process that occurs within the female bodies. Some hormonal changes cause an egg release from the female’s ovary. It is part of the menstrual cycle. The released egg may or may not be fertilized by sperm. If the fertilization occurs, the egg will move into the uterus to implant there and cause pregnancy.  If left unfertilized, it will degenerate, causing monthly periods to start.

How to Calculate Ovulation?

Gaining insight into how ovulation happens and when it is going to take place can help any female to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. The best option to calculate and track ovulation is the ovulation calculator or calendar. 

When to Use an Ovulation Calculator

If any women want to improve the chances of pregnancy, they need to know when they are going to ovulate and what are the most fertile days.  Knowing the exact dates gives you the indication that exactly when you should try to conceive. Any advanced Ovulation calculator and calendar takes the responsibility to remind you via email or bell about favorable times of the month.

Ovulation Calculator

Any ovulation calculator is a tool that assists to conceive by providing an opportunity of free ovulation tests online. They will give you precise insight into the peak time of fertility to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Have a look at some distinct features:

Such tools are designed to make evaluations about the best time of conceiving to increase the probability of getting pregnant.

  • They will help you to identify the most fertile period.
  • One can use them to calculate and point out a safe period to protect uninvited pregnancy
  • Give you a precise date that when your menstrual cycle is going to start.
  • They have a function to display a fertility calendar for a specified data.

How to use the Ovulation Calculator?

Every ovulation calculator works on a standardized procedure and demands the same input values. You just have to enter the month and date of menstruation, and your cycle length before you hit the calculate button. In the blink of an eye, you’ll get an expected ovulation date. follow the steps given below:

  • Open any online tool and select the date of your last menstrual period.
  • Now enter the regular length of your menstrual cycle in the assigned place.
  • Finally, you just have to hit the calculate button to get the required result.

Home Ovulation Test

Such a calculator can assist you while doing ovulation tests online, but there is another method as well. There are some strips as well for this purpose. Such sticks need some drops of female urine. Within a few minutes, if the test line becomes darker than the control line, the female is about to ovulate.

Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation calendars are designed to support you in figuring out that when you are going to ovulate. It helps you to have intercourse on the most fertile days to get pregnant. So when you have the results, sign in or sign up to save your calculated calendar, add reminders to take a pregnancy test.

How to use the ovulation calendar?

They are available online and display date,days and months. You just have to click on the last date of your periods. And click the next button. Add the number of days of your menstrual cycle. The length of the menstrual cycle predicts when you are going to get your next period and ovulate. If you want to find out the length of your cycle, you just have to count from the first day of your last period up to the first day of your next period. The usual length is 28 days, but each woman is different. Moreover, length may vary with time.

Now click on the result button. Within a few seconds, the calendar will tell you the cycle length. Fertile dates will be highlighted in the calendar automatically. You can set reminders and add notes as well. The calendar will also tell you to record your basal body temperature.  Calendar won’t be helpful if you have an irregular menstrual cycle.

Ovulation calculator for boy:

Such calendars can serve you as an ovulation calculator for baby boys. The nearer to ovulation you have intercourse, the healthier the chances to have a boy. The y-sperms from men that are responsible for a baby boy are faster but die sooner. Therefore, having sex a minimum of 2 days before female ovulates, or a few days after ovulation, will be healthier for conceiving a baby boy. The calendar can remind you of the most favorable date.

To the End:

Fertile days calculator online can assist you at home.  You cannot rely on them to prevent pregnancy.  It’s better to get the doctor’s advice for better options as well.