What Makes Soy Sauce Japan Famous? Explore the New Taste


Soy sauce Japan is one of the most crucial ingredients in Japanese cooking. Japanese people call it Shoyu, which means fermented food oil. Soy sauce is made in different parts of Asia, but Japanese soy sauce is known for its distinctive flavor and taste. In Japan, you can find different types of soy sauce that we will discuss in this post. Furthermore, we will also discuss the methodology used in preparing the mouth-watering Japanese soy sauce.

What Makes Japanese Soy Sauce Famous?

Soy sauce Japan is an aged and fermented product that has a distinctive flavor. Its taste is applauded by many top-rated chefs who also add it to their mouth-watering recipes. The practice of making salted and fermented food is not new. Many countries in the world practiced it for longer shelf life and good taste. For instance, the ancient Romans used to make Garum using fermenting fish. Salted and fermented food products are an integral part of South-East Asian cooking.

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The Procedure for Making Soy Sauce In Japan

Usually, soy sauce in japan is made by combining soybeans, salt, wheat, and yeast. Some producers use fermented rice to give sweetness to the flavor of the soy sauce. Production of the most typical soy sauce uses defatted soy residue. When the oil is already extracted from the soy, it gets fermented rapidly. Some critics say that using the defatted soy residue can cause the loss of original flavor from the sauce for more info visit here

As the mixture ferments, the makers add what or rice to feed the yeast, which gives the sauce its sweet flavor. Once the sauce’s mixture is ready, it is aged typically for six months before putting it into the bottles. However, some producers keep the soy sauce japan longer to enhance the taste. Some sauces have additives to increase the shelf life or sweeteners to give it a sweet taste. You can find these additives listed on the bottle as per the Japanese laws. If you are seeking a completely natural product, then pick the one with no additives.

Different Types of Soy Sauce In Japan

Now that you know a lot about soy sauce Japan, let’s discuss their popular types for several recipes. The different flavors of the sauces are highly influenced by the demographic areas where they are produced. Those who haven’t indulged deeply into it think that all are the same. However, this is not the case. When you develop deeper, you will get to see how they have embraced a unique taste. Below is the list of some popular soy sauce in Japan:

1: Koikuchi: The Most Widely Used Soy Sauce Japan

Koikuchi is one of the most popular soy sauces in Japan, which means ‘dark mouth’. You can find it in different countries in the Japanese grocery outlets such as Yamasa and Kikkoman. Many people consider it the standard sauce, and it captures about 80 percent of the soy sauce sale in the Japanese market.  It is made using equal parts of wheat and soy with salt and yeast. It is most widely consumed in the Kanto area. Furthermore, you can use most of your recipes to give them a delicious taste.

2: Tamari Soy Sauce From Japan

Tamari sauce is a famous soy sauce in the western part that means “pooled residue”. It is a thick sauce used as a Sashimi dipping. Besides, it is also used to give the dishes an exotic reddish-brown shine and enhanced taste. It was originated in the Chuubu region of central Japan. It has gained its popularity for the reason that it does not use wheat in the production. To ensure this, you can check the Tamari bottle where it boasts, “Tamari made with 100% soy does exist”. Above all, the gluten-free soy sauce Japan has a massive demand in the local and the overseas market.

3: Usukuchi

Usukuchi is a lighter colored sauce used popularly in the Kansai region of Western Japan. It shares 15 percent of the soy sauce market in japan. It is saltier as compared to its older form Koikuchi and contains 18-19% salt by volume. The famous soy sauce is made using soy and wheat. Also, it is added with fermented rice, wheat gluten, or amazake. This soy sauce Japan can enhance the flavor of many local dishes when added in the right amount.

4: Saishikomi

Saishikomi is a unique taste that comes originally from the south-western region of Japan. The unique thing about this sauce is that it re-brewed from a previously made soy sauce. The color of Saishikomi is intensely dark reddish-brown. The sauce is a unique taste, less salty, and sweeter as compared to other famous sauces.

5: Shiro

In the end, there comes the Shiro soy sauce that originates in Aichi prefecture. It is lighter in color and is popular among the chefs who want to add flavor to the dishes and not the color. It is also popular outside Japan among those who love its flavor. The sauce is made by brewing a significant fraction of the wheat and a smaller part of the soybean. The sauce has a mild and sweet taste.

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6: Genen Shoyu or Reduced Soy Sauce Japan

It is a recent procedure to make reduced soy sauce. Its producers put the Koikuchi soy sauce through a deliberate fermentation process that reduces the salt content by up to 50%. However, the flavor of the sauce remains intact after lowering the salt content. It is marketed for providing good health without any deterioration in the taste.


These are some of the most popular soy sauce Japan that can give your taste buds a unique flavor. If you need more interesting posts, stay in touch.