Xam Idea Class 10 Social Science For Easy Learning

xam idea class 10 social science
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Xam idea class 10 social science is one of the best books for the students who are going to appear in the class 10 examination. It contains project works, MCQs, model question papers, map questions, and several others. Besides, it also has sequence and picture-based questions, CBSE previous year question paper (solved), and all sets and regions of question paper from the last year exam. These solved sets of questions described in this book make it the best book for the students. Thus, it has become a benchmark for the students who find it hard to prepare for social science. Read this post until the end to find more about Xam Idea Class 10 Social Science.

What Does The Book Include?

In compliance with CBSE specifications and NCERT guidelines, the new xam idea class 10 social science 2019-20 has been extensively updated, meticulously planned, and uniquely formatted. The following are the characteristics of the current Xam concept:

  • The books have been thoroughly revised as per the latest CBSE Examination-Paper design.
  • Under the heading “Basic Concepts,” each chapter is summarized in flowcharts, followed by some “Important Terms” and “Important Events.”
  • Questions and responses from the NCERT Textbook have been included.
  • Previous year’s questions have been organized into sections based on their scores.
  • According to the latest CBSE guidelines, objective-type questions have been included. 
  • These types of questions include Multiple Choice Questions, Really Short Answer Questions, True-False, Match the Columns, and Fill in the Blanks.
  • Questions focused on maps and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) have also been included.
  • Project Work has been incorporated at the end of the book.
  • At the end of every chapter, a Self-Assessment Test has been given to test the extent of grasp by the student.
  • According to the current CBSE guidelines, students must take an internal assessment in addition to the year-end review.
  • For internal assessment, the book includes three periodic tests in the form of a pen-paper test (5 marks), a multiple-choice test (5 marks), and a multiple-choice test (5 marks).
  • Unsolved Model Question Papers have been included to give the student plenty of practice.

How To Prepare With Xam Idea Class 10 Social Science Book?

Now that you know the content of the book, below is a step-by-step procedure that can help you with your class 10 social science preparation: 

1: Be familiar with the theory 

Social science is a theoretical field. As a result, philosophy plays a crucial role. Before you begin studying for your tests, make sure you have read all of the chapters. You may not need to know all of the chapters in-depth, but having a general understanding of all of them will always be beneficial. Xam idea class 10 social science explains all the theories in an intelligible manner so then you can understand them all with ease.

2: Highlight the crucial elements

If you’ve compiled your notes, highlight all of the significant events, dates, years, countries, and names, and create a separate sheet for these items. Keep the sheet near your desk so you can refer to it anytime you need to. It’s an excellent way to review the chapter when on the go. This will also help you in your preparation for multiple-choice questions.

3: Understand the answers 

Students believe that memorizing the answers would help them remember them correctly, but this is incorrect. If you cram an answer instead of knowing it, you’re more likely to forget it. Learn simple and straight-to-the-point solutions. In the book, you can find all the NCERT answers in simple and easy-to-understand language.

4: Writing the answers is vital 

Writing the answers is a crucial part of the Social Science preparation process. Always write down your response after you’ve learned it. This will assist you in remembering it. You can practice writing the answers to the model test papers to enhance your writing ability to score better.

5: Study alternate days

Studying all four Social Science subjects on the same day is not a good idea. If you’re studying history on Monday, combine it with another topic, such as physics or chemistry. The next day, research Geography with Math, and so on. You won’t get bored learning this way, and it will keep you interested during the day.

6: Rely on interesting study material 

When students really do not want to learn theoretical topics, video lectures can still be relied upon. These lectures are extremely helpful to you; they provide you with an in-depth understanding of the chapter and assist you in learning the answers with minimal effort. More importantly, you can watch them whenever and wherever you want.

7: A sample paper is your best friend 

Solving a sample paper is needed even during the preparation of subjects such as social science. Since it’s made up of questions from different chapters, it’s a great way to see how informative and prepared you are for each chapter. Solving sample papers also helps you form better answers in less time and optimize your time and speed. You can find good sample papers from xam idea class 10 social science book and practice more and more to score higher marks in the exam.

8: Do not ignore maps and diagrams 

Most students disregard maps and diagrams. If there’s one question you can count on appearing on your test, it’s either maps or diagrams. You are most likely to be asked to identify stats with significant soil types, the state with the most significant agricultural production of rice, wheat, cotton, tea, sugarcane, jute, major iron ore belts in India, etc., to name a few. Go through all the maps and diagrams, and practice them at least twice.

9: Self -assessment 

Testing yourself is crucial to identify your weaker areas. After every chapter, you must attempt a chapter test. This would give you an insight into how thorough you are with that specific chapter. The model question paper presented in the xam idea class 10 social science book can help you to take assessment tests to check your preparations. 

10: Previous years question papers are substantial 

After you’ve completed the chapter tests and sample papers, you’ll need to solve question papers from previous years. These question papers will give you the same feeling as if you were taking a board test. Still, keep track of your time when solving the previous year’s question papers. Set a three-hour deadline for yourself and try to finish the paper within that time frame. When you’re done, double-check it yourself or have someone else do it for you. This will assist you in evaluating your entire training.

Never approach social science with the mentality that it would be boring and time-consuming. If you’re interested in learning more about it, it’s a fascinating topic. When properly followed on a regular basis, these social science planning tips/strategies prove to be very successful. If you are having trouble following your NCERT books, you can switch to xam idea class 10 social science for well-designed concept theories.

Final Words!

The Xam Idea Class 10 Social Science book is one of the best books that can help you to prepare for your final examination in the least possible time. You can invest your saved time in preparing other subjects. Besides, the tips given in this post can help you strategize your preparations. If you want more posts related to education, do visit our blog section.