Lakeview Elementary School | An All-Inclusive Guide

lakeview elementary school

Lakeview Elementary School is a renowned public school for kindergarten to fifth grade. It is located in Kirkland, Washington, commonly known as the Eastside. Lakeview Elementary school is a part of the Lake Washington School District (LSWD), which is a public school district for Kirkland, Redmond, and half of the Sammamish. For each grade level, there are three to five classrooms. It is one of the most applauded elementary schools of the place for your kids. To learn more about Lakeview Elementary School, read this post until the end. 

Academics At Lakeview Elementary School 

There are different learning programs you can avail yourself in the academy as stated in the below-given list: 

1: English Learners Program

Lake Washington School District’s English Learner (EL) program empowers EL students to both participate in the classroom curriculum and attain English proficiency. It provides language and academic support from highly-qualified EL teachers. Besides, the District also provides varying levels of support based on students’ individual needs, language proficiency level, and grade level.

Eligibility for the EL Program

The screening of all multilingual students registering in Washington state takes place by a certified EL teacher or trained proctor. The English proficiency assessment determines if there is a need for English Learner services or not. The language proficiency assessment determines a student’s overall ability to communicate and understand English. The test uses speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills for the assessment process.

Services and Delivery Models

All students who qualify for the EL program are served by EL-endorsed teachers, with the support of EL Instructional Assistants, in their home schools. Types of EL support and services vary by student need and grade level.

Exited EL Support Services

Once English Learners achieve the proficient level on the annual English language proficiency assessment, they are exited from EL services and will no longer receive English language instruction from the EL teacher. Exited English Learning students who perform below standard will continue to receive support from an Exited EL Facilitator for two consecutive years after exiting services to ensure their academic success.

2: Music Program

Welcome to the Lakeview Music program! Our primary objective as your child’s elementary music teacher is to provide the students with highly diverse and entirely positive exposure to music and the arts. We want our students to leave elementary school with a love and appreciation for the arts so that they can enjoy and benefit from a life-long love of music, whether as a performer or an audience member.

3: Art Enrichment Program

The PTSA supports art at Lakeview by providing the Art Enrichment Program. This program includes:

  • Coordination of parent volunteers to be Art Docents in each classroom
  • A part-time Art Teacher to provide five lessons per class in addition to docent-led lessons
  • Funds for art supplies
  • Lesson plans for Art Docents to follow
  • An annual Art Walk so kids can show off their work

 Annual Art Walk

The Art Walk is the PTSA Art Program’s Annual event. The event showcases each child’s artwork. This event showcases just a snippet of the amazing art our children create, thanks to the PTSA funded lessons with Michelle Lustgarten and our volunteer art docents.

4: Physical Education Program

Lakeview Elementary has a dedicated sports gym, including a traversing wall to allow plenty of room for group activities. Its goal is to have fun and stay fit the entire year by exploring various physical activities. The list includes Badminton, Volleyball, Track & Field, Bowling, Hockey, Soccer, and several others. 

Please let your student’s PE teachers know if your child has health problems that could impact their participation in PE, such as diabetes, asthma, or a heart condition. Also, make sure to send your child to school ready to participate on PE days by making sure they are wearing proper shoes (no heels, clogs, or boots) and clothing to be active.

Students are not graded on how good they are at sports; but are graded on their effort, listening skills, attitude, sportsmanship, and cooperation.

5: Library

Lakeview library classes receive weekly instruction as a part of their “specialist” time at Lakeview. Additionally, many students visit the library on their own to read, study, and relax. Furthermore, Lakeview maintains a large collection with over 13,000 items, including books, magazines, and reference materials. Our collection is constantly evolving.

6: Math Resources

In addition to following the Lake Washington School District’s math curriculum, students are encouraged to regularly use Dreambox Math. It is a comprehensive, standards-based, adaptive math program. Additionally, students are able to access this program via their student login.

Lakeview also utilizes a Math Lab, which contains educational games that can be checked out. Students play these games to reinforce math skills and cooperative group skills. Teachers are able to explain the rules/strategies to the whole class and then let children play in small groups.

Final Words

Now that you are here, it means that you have a clear idea about Lakeview elementary school. Besides, reading this post can also help you to understand the learning program of the school. For more posts related to the education category, you can hover on our blog section.