69 Countries, 69 Condoms (Part 4/6)


Birds ‘n Bees. Lady & the Tramp. Rough Riders. I know it sounds like I’m going to tell you all about a hormonal teen’s Disney rap phase, but I’m not. That’d be too hot. Instead, brace yourself, because today we’re setting off for Cuba and slipping a little che on our Guevaras in the latest edition of TravelSexLife’s 69 Countries, 69 Condoms.

Canadian Condom

Cuban Condom

Denmark Condom

Eritrean Condom

Italian Condom

Jamaican Condom

 Panamanian Condom

Romanian Condom

Samoan Condom

Sri Lankan Condom

Srpskan Condom

Tanzanian Condom

Zambian Condom

That Salama package just screams Laura Ingalls Wilder, doesn’t it? And I’m sure that’s exactly what the Tanzanian designers were going for. What do you think? Would you opt for a Salama, or maybe you’d like to just Slam it? Share your thoughts below, and don’t forget to check out the rest of TravelSexLife’s 69 Countries, 69 Condoms series: Part I Part II Part III Part V Part VI

(CC: D.C.Atty)


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