How should you choose the best Home Depot lawn mower?

Home Depot lawn mower

The Home Depot lawn mower section is surprisingly more extensive with multiple brands and many varieties under each brand. If you wish to have a reliable product, you should spend time researching and choosing the lawn mower right for your needs. Here is what you should do during the buying process.

Types of Home Depot lawn mowers

Yes, electric and manual are the two major types, but it is not the only differentiation you need. The cylinder-type Home Depot lawn mower is right for flat lawns, and it is essential to pick the one with multiple blades. Experts recommend choosing ones with three blades or more.

Home Depot lawn mower
If your lawn has longer, well-grown, and tough grass patches, the cylindrical type will not suffice. You would need the rotary-model Home Depot lawn mower. This model is suitable for all kinds of grass lawns. If you have an uneven property, you would need the hover model. Since the lawnmower hovers, it is easier to move through a challenging and rough terrain.
The electric and rotary models come in different variants like manual, electric, and petrol-powered. The hover model comes only as electric mowers, and they are not right for more extensive gardens. If you want to mow edges, heavy cylinder blade models are the perfect ones.

Electric vs. cordless Home Depot lawn mowers

If you have ever mowed a lawn, you would know the manual intensity of the task. Thus, people do not prefer manual Home Depot lawn mower unless they choose it as a weight-loss activity. On the other hand, you have electric and cordless battery options. The electric ones are right for small and medium lawns because of the cord. Most of the models have similar cord lengths, and it is not suitable for larger gardens.

On the other hand, battery-powered cordless ones are better for more extensive lawns but are very expensive. You can find lawn mowers with lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries. The lithium-ion is the newer model, which is comparatively lighter and has longer battery life. On the other hand, the traditional battery (nickel-cadmium) is less expensive.

The petrol-powered option

You can find petrol or diesel-powered mowers, which are very powerful and can quickly cut through rough grasses. However, this model is quite expensive, and the maintenance charges are substantial. It is similar to your car engine and needs repairs and services now and then. If you are someone who uses the mower only every Thanksgiving before your family visits, this could be a lousy purchase.

Garden size and the best Home Depot lawn mower

Usually, lawns get measured in terms of the tennis court. A lawn that is the size of a full tennis court is medium-sized. If it is less than half a court, it is smaller, and if larger than a court, it is a large lawn. If your yard is less than 100 square m, you can choose cordless or electric mowers (if you do not want the manual one). For medium lawns (100 to 250 square m), it is best to choose a cordless, electric, or petrol variant. For larger yards, it is best to opt for petrol ones.

The mulch feature

Usually, the mowers come with a grass box. Cheaper models do not have a box, and the clipped grass will be all over your yard, and you need to rake later. The ones with the grass box collect the grass, and you can dispose of them as you desire. If you have a small lawn, you can go with those without grass boxes, as they are generally less expensive. A high-capacity box is a better choice for those with larger properties. Those with allergies should prefer the models with grass box.

On the other hand, you can also choose mulch variety. This type of product mows the grass and cuts finely to turn it into mulch. The mulch gets spread throughout the lawn and is beneficial manure. Mulching models are costly, and it is an excellent choice if you wish to add manure or do not want to dispose of the grass clippings.

Cutting width and height

The ones with larger blade width can cut more grass in a push and complete the work more efficiently. For a small lawn, pick the ones with 300mm width. The medium ones need 350 to 400mm and 400mm+ for larger ones.

Most models have an adjustable height option so that you can alter it based on the size of the grass. Most standard models have a 20mm to 60mm range. If you tend to leave your garden unattended for months, it is best to have mowers with better height adjustment features.

Automatic lawn mower

If you are ready to spend a considerable amount of money and have an estate-sized lawn, it is best to choose the robotic mower. These robots can recognize your lawn’s topography and adjust height and edges to alter the movement’s course. It would take a considerable amount of time to set the perimeter details. Then, the mowing is just a push-of-a-button work for you. Some models can self-park after mowing, and thus your weekend is free from any work.

Weight of the product

The last factor to consider is weight. Some mowers require just steering, and weight might not be a more significant factor to consider here. If you are choosing a manual model, weight becomes a serious factor. In general, low-weight models are usually expensive and highly preferred. However, if you are looking for a striped finish for your lawn like football pitches, you need heavy ones with rear rollers.

Which one is right for your lawn, budget, and requirements? Now, understand all your criteria and learn about each model. Please give importance to brand value, warranty, easy set-up (robotic mowers), and easy maintenance. You should not spend money buying a mower that makes the work more complicated and expensive. Do you think this is too much work? On the other hand, you can hire service providers who would mow your lawn at regular intervals.