List Of The Best Tools To Check Page Rank


If you are wondering how to check page rank, you have landed at the right place. Google PageRank is a method of Google to check the relevancy of your page. It also determines how much your page is helpful for the users. Higher page ranking means your page appears on the top of the Search Engine Result Page for a particular keyword. If you are promoting your products and services on Google, a high page ranking ensures that it is available for the users when they search for it. Read this post until the end to learn about different tools to check page rank.

List Of The Tools To Check Page Rank

Below is the list of the online sites where you can check the ranking of your page with absolute ease:


SEMrush is one of the most efficient that can help you in checking the ranking and performance of your web pages. When you are spending money on SEO, regular tracking of the page ranking becomes an imperative task. SEMrush rank checking tools let you monitor your page’s regular progress and rankings with absolute ease. You can check the top-performing landing pages of a particular domain. Moreover, you can get a comprehensive report of the SEO metrics of your keyword related to the page. Besides, it covers several aspects of the page rank for a keyword, such as competition and various others. Above all, using this tool is very simple and straightforward.


2: AccuRanker

AccuRanker is an awesome tool you can use to check page rank. It generates intelligible page rank reports with the targeted keywords. It is a paid tool; however, spending on this tool can bestow you with multitudinous advantages. Its user-friendly interface enables you to navigate through the options with absolute ease. It is best for tracking the organic keyword ranking. Besides, it is highly acclaimed among users for its precise rank tracking. AccuRanker is intelligible and offers great support. You can get different features with the tool, such as tagging, filters, and the swift refresh option. Speed and accuracy are its most cherished features.


3: SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher is a unique tool that not only tells you where your page ranks but it can also help in improving your page ranks. Besides, you can select your target audiences based on demography and localize your marketing endeavors in the most fruitful markets. Moreover, you can get to know where your keyword ranks the best so that you can put more effort into those particular pages or keywords to harvest the maximum out of your marketing endeavor. Besides, you can check your page ranks with the reduced time and effort in checking your page ranks and get the most accurate results with SERPWatcher.


4: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an easy to set SEO tool you can access on your Desktop and mobile devices. It enables you to check your page and keyword ranking even on the go. Along with the page rank tracking, it also gives comprehensive visibility to the organic traffic on your website. The report from this SEO tool also helps you determine your progress with respect to time. Furthermore, you can gain insightful data about backlinks. Also, you can check the quality of the links. The list of these amazing features makes Ahrefs one of the best tools to check page rank.


5: Google Rank Checker

Google Ranck Checker is a robust tool that can help you in extracting the exact search results for any keyword on Google Search Engine Results Page. You can use this tool on Desktop and mobile with absolute ease. Besides, Google Ranke Checker offers a wide array of filters that can give you specific reports based on your preferred parameters. One of the most efficient features of this SEO tool is that you can export its data into the CSV format and get some insightful information to manage your SEO practices with the utmost efficacy. Above all, you can track your organic as well as the PPC traffic with this tool.


6: Moz Pro

MozPro is another tool in the list that can make the page rank check easier for you. If you are actively engaged in improving your website’s SEO, checking the performance of your keywords and pages becomes an imperative task. Moz Pro is a very powerful tool that not only tracks SEO performance but also shows the right way to do it. When you know exactly you are going, you can put more effort into reaching your final destination. The same goes with the tool, as it can enlighten you with insightful information related to your SEO campaigns that can determine, what is working for you, and what is not. The features to check page rank make it one of the most preferred tools among digital marketers.


7: GrowthBar

Last but not least, we have GrowthBar in our list that can help you check the ranking of your keywords and web URLs. Along with the keyword check, you can also keep your eyes on your competitors and develop deeper on the strategies they are following. Besides, you can grab some essential SEO performance data and use this insightful information in improving your SEO campaigns. The robust features of GrowthBar allow you to check which paid and organic keywords are attracting the most traffic. Also, you can derive a list of the site’s most authentic backlinks. Furthermore, checking the page rank is easy and straightforward with this tool. 

Final Words

When you are spending your time and efforts for the betterment of your website’s SEO, it is essential to check page rank regularly. It can help you to know your website’s performance. Besides, you can also change your strategies if the current plans are not working as they are supposed to. In this post, you can find the best tools to check page rank and utilize them in improving the SEO of your site. For more updates on the latest trends and technologies, stay connected with us!