The World’s Most Bizarre Condom Advertisements


Condom advertisements generally employ either fear or humour to get their message across. However, whacky concepts drawn up by ‘creative agencies’ often miss the mark and the resulting advertisements fall into the realm of randomness. Here’s our round up of the worlds most bizarre condom advertisements.


5. China

Any condom manufacturer named Jissbon (pronounced: Jizz-bomb) deserves a place in our top 5. Especially when their advertisement campaign features a condom version of James Bond and the tag line ‘I’m Bon, Jiss Bon’.


4. France

Toilet graffiti has never looked so good in this animated French advertisement. We love these classically immature renderings of genitals brought to life on a bathroom wall – Pixar lamps eat your heart out.


3. Argentina

This Argentinian advertisement deals with the classic situation of being caught red handed. Or in this case a young man being caught with condom in hand by his girlfriend’s father. How’s he going to get away with it? Watch and see.


2. Kenya

Any condom advert set to ‘One Love’ by popular boy band Blue is going to be a winner. However, the incredibly random twist in this advert makes it our runner-up. I challenge you not to laugh at 40 seconds in.


1. India

Men in multi-coloured condom outfits running around an Indian slum singing about the benefits of protected sex makes this our obvious winner.

Lyrics include ‘I am the condom friend, ever useful to you’ sung without an ounce of irony. This is truely the world’s most bizarre condom advertisement.


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